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Faculty Focus Archives

September 2019

 Brother Joseph Trout, O.P.


Beginning his fifth year at Fenwick, Br. Trout offers hope to students in his Moral Theology classes.


August 2019

 Ms. Elizabeth Timmons '04


Getting to know Science Instructor and alumna Elizabeth Perry Timmons '04, who is entering her ninth year of teaching at Fenwick.


July 2019

 Mr. John Paulett


Renaissance Man: Clevelander, Golden Apple winner and Fenwick Theology/Film Teacher for the past 12 years, Mr. John Paulett also is a writer, musician and theater aficionado.


June 2019

 Ms. Alison Strom



German Teacher Ms. Alison Strom is wrapping up her eighth academic year at Fenwick.

May 2019

Mr. Tom Draski



Science Teacher Tom Draski is retiring in June. The biology fanatic, tennis coach and longtime Catholic Leaguer has spent the last 21 years of his career in education at Fenwick

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April 2019

Assistant Principal Ms. Laura Pendleton



"I’m fortunate that, at Fenwick, the administrators still get to teach a class," says Assistant Principal Ms. Pendleton, who also is the Orchestra Director

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March 2019

Mr. Robert Arscott



Math Teacher Robert Arscott, who will retire in June, is in his 46th year of teaching – and his 40th at Fenwick!

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February 2019

Ms. Diane Sabbia



Math Teacher Diane Sabbia, who joined Fenwick in the 2017-18 school year, is passionate about geometry!

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January 2019

Dr. Jerry Lordan

181214_Jerry_Lordan_0004_sm"Doc" Lordan has taught social studies, theology and served as a faculty mentor during his 28 years at Fenwick. This year marks Jerry's 51st as a professional educator.

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December 2018

Ms. Mary Visteen




Mary Visteen has migrated from Fenwick’s English Department to the Counseling Department in Student Services.

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November 2018

Mr. Steve Sulak



Get to know history buff, baseball coach, Western Springs native and Social Studies Teacher Steve Sulak.

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October 2018

Ms. Amy Christophell '06

Meet Biology Teacher/WYSE Coach and Swimming Alumna Amy Christophell '06.


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August 2018

Mrs. Geralyn Magrady

Before coming to Fenwick in 2015, English Teacher Ms. Magrady taught for mentor Dr. Lordan in Forest Park 28 years ago!

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July 2018

Mr. Dan Wnek

Getting to know Science/Biology Teacher Dan Wnek. The father of three young daughters came to Fenwick seven years ago from St. Patrick High School in Chicago.

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June 2018

Mrs. Kim Kotty

Kimberly Kotty is finishing up her 14th year of teaching English at Fenwick.

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 May 2018

Mr. Roger Finell '59

Wrapping up his 55th year of teaching at Fenwick (with four more as a student!), Roger Finnell '59 is Mathematics Department Chair and a true Friars' treasure.

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April 2018

Mrs. Denise Megall

Spanish Teacher Mrs. Denise Megall is celebrating her 25th year at Fenwick in 2017-18.

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March 2018

Mr. Patrick Mulcahy

Mr. Pat Mulcahy has been teaching and coaching (and driving a bus!) at Fenwick for the past 22 school years.

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February 2018

Ms. Rizelle Capito

Band Instructor Mrs. Rizelle Capito, Chairperson of the Expressive Arts Department, is in her ninth year...

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January 2018

Mr. Alan Howell

Alan Howell, the Chairman of the Foreign Language Department, is in his 34th year of teaching at Fenwick.​

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December 2017

Mrs. Brigid Esposito

Mrs. Esposito is in her 14th year of teaching science at Fenwick....

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November 2017

Mr. John Schoeph '95

Meet English Department Chair, French Teacher, Fall Play Director and Alumnus John Schoeph '95....

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October 2017

Mrs. Samantha Carraher '96

Alumna Ms. Samantha Carraher '96 is in her 18th year teaching Spanish at Fenwick....

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September 2017

Mr. Andy Arellano

Speech Teacher Andy Arellano enters his 46th year of teaching students at Fenwick....

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August 2017

Mrs. Maria Nowicki

Ms. Maria Nowicki is in her 10th year of teaching math at Fenwick....

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July 2017

Mr. Rick O'Connor

English Teacher Rick O'Connor brings his broadcasting expertise to Fenwick's students....

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June 2017

Mrs. Jennifer Ori '06

English Teacher and alumnae Jennifer Ori '06 is the subject of our monthly series focusing on Fenwick's...

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May 2017

Mr. Kevin Roche '05

Math Teacher Kevin Roche is the subject of our monthly series focusing on Fenwick's fabulous, award-winning...

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April 2017

Ms. Mary Marcotte

Mary Marcotte is the subject of our monthly series focusing on Fenwick's fabulous, award-winning, faculty...

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February 2017

Mr. David Kleinhans

David Kleinhans is the subject of our monthly series focusing on Fenwick's fabulous, award-winning, faculty.​...

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January 2017

Ms. Mary Beth Logas

Mary Beth Logas is the subject of our new monthly series focusing on Fenwick's fabulous, award-winning,...

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