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Clubs & Activities at Fenwick High School

Fenwick High School offers a wide variety of clubs and activities aimed at highlighting the interests of our student population while focusing on fostering an inclusive experience for all those involved.

For questions about Clubs and Activities please contact Assistant Principal of Logistics & Activities: Matt Barabasz.

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  • ACES

    Moderator- Amy Christophell,
    Mike Trankina,
    John Schoeph,
    Brigid Esposito,

    The Worldwide Youth in Science & Engineering (WYSE) Academic Challenge is a competitive series (i.e., regional, sectional, state) of tests created and administered by the University of Illinois and offered to high school students in Illinois and Missouri. The tests are now offered by more than 50 community colleges and universities and are designed to present a rigorous challenge to the brightest students. Test material is drawn from freshman level college curricula. Fenwick is a perennial state qualifier and won its last state championship as recent as April 2016.
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    • Eight-time State champions and top 6 finisher 15 of last 16 years!
    • 2016 State champion
    • Regional Competition (February)
    • Sectional Competition (March)
    • State Competition (April)
  • Art Club

    Moderator- Tracy Carey, 
    The Fenwick Art Club is open to all students who want to be creative. Our art club meets at least once a month, with more meetings if a project requires it. Students design, draw and paint banners for school functions as well as produce artwork using unique materials to stretch and grow their creativity.
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    The Fenwick Art Club allows all of our students to be more creative. This club allows students who don't have an art class in their schedules to still be able to express themselves creatively. Our club allows students of all years to work together and grow as artists.
    • Homecoming and Turnabout dance school banners and Red Ribbon Week school banners
    • End of semester art shows
    • Displaying art club members' original artwork
  • Asian American Association

  • Aviaton Club

    Moderator- Brigid Esposito, 
  • Bagpipe Club

    Moderator- John Corcoran, 
  • Best Buddies

    Moderator- Beth Dunne, 
    Best Buddies empowers youth to become advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by organizing and attending special events that promote advocacy and bring awareness to the disability rights movement.

    Best Buddies at Fenwick is part of the Illinois High Schools Best Buddies Promoters Program. We are committed to raising awareness, advocating for individuals with special needs and striving to positively influence our families, friends, and communities through our words and actions.
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    Becoming a Best Buddy
    In order to join the club, there are a few things that must take place. The first step is to fill out a Membership Application for Best Buddies High Schools. Once you have successfully registered on that site, you have to go to our Schoology Group Page and request to join. Both your Membership Application and your request to join our Schoology Group should be accepted within three days of submission. Once you have filled out an application and have also requested to join the Schoology group, you must Join our Remind Group to be kept up to date. Although it is not required, it is recommended that you Subscribe to our Calendar as well to have your computer, tablet, and/or smartphone automatically update your calendar to match ours.

    • Participating in Disability Awareness Week at Fenwick as well as the Best Buddies Friendship Walk at Brookfield Zoo.
    • Students working together to positively influence our community, friends, families, and school to promote social justice.
    • Coordinate events with PAEC, Opportunity Knocks, and Misericordia. 
  • Black Student Union

    Moderator- Stephanie Corey,
    Runako Robinson,
    Mission Statement
    Fenwick High School’s Black Student Union (BSU), is organized exclusively to support Black students and give them a safe space to discuss their ideas, cultures, and problems faced within the Fenwick community with Black and non-Black peers. BSU promotes discourse between all students and faculty at Fenwick regarding issues of race, particularly instances of prejudice and discrimination against minorities at Fenwick, and what can be done to combat this. BSU is committed to intellectual, cultural, social and ethnic diversity.

    Vision Statement
    The vision of BSU is to provide Black students with peer support during their high school years at Fenwick High School; encourage Black students to pursue their goals of college enrollment at the universities they want to attend, foster a mentoring program for students entering as freshmen, maximize the participation of Black Student Union in the Fenwick Community and at Fenwick sponsored events, and provide youth outreach and increase recruitment efforts to predominantly Black middle schools and grade schools and neighborhoods surrounding Fenwick High School.

    What We Do
    Fenwick’s High School’s BSU inclusively works to bring cultural awareness and positive racial relations by promoting mutual respect for all cultures. BSU will provide panel discussions, guest speakers, and community service opportunities. BSU is open to all students, regardless of racial or cultural differences. BSU welcomes diversity as it provides a table for rich discussion, understanding and acceptance.

    BSU is student-governed with faculty supervision and sponsorship. New members are welcome at any time throughout the school year.

    Field Trips
    Black History Month
    Service Project
    College and university visitors
    Middle school mentoring
    Awareness programs during Black History Month

    President: Bryton Seaton, 2022
    Vice President: Taya Croswell, 2023
  • Blackfriars Guild

  • Blackfriars Guild Crew

    The Blackfriars Guild Crew is one of the hardest working groups at Fenwick. The crew works on all three shows that the Blackfriars Guild produces. The crew has five distinct areas: set construction, scenic design, sound design, lighting design and stage crew.

    The construction team builds incredible sets that are both effective in helping to tell the story and safe for all. Painters bring the set to life with beautiful artwork and painting. The lighting team sets the mood for the show through dramatic lighting effects. The sound team learns sophisticated techniques to make sure everyone on stage can be heard.
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    Every year the crew has tremendous leadership from several students in all areas. We are always looking for new members to join. No previous experience is necessary.

    • Hands on learning available immediately
    • Everyone works together so well and the crew always has a fun time while doing it
    • Many students go on to study theatre production in college.
    • Fall Play
    • Banua
    • Spring Musical
    • The crew also assists with Masses, open house, concerts and other events in the Auditorium
  • Broadcasting Club

    Moderator-Emilie Bowman,

    The Broadcasting Club is a student-centered media club, which covers Fenwick High School news, sports and events. The club live streams Fenwick athletic games online, creates videos for the school video boards and school events and is responsible for the student announcements. In addition, the Broadcasting Club assists the marketing and admissions departments to promote Fenwick High School to assist in its institutional advancement needs. Students of all talent levels are welcome.

    The club allows students with an interest in journalism, film, sports reporting, etc. to gain valuable hands-on experience to take to college and beyond. Students learn what it takes to be part of a production team of on-air personalities, producers, directors, editors, etc. Students also learn basic reporter skills in putting together news stories.

    • Covering and promoting Fenwick athletic events
    • Covering and promoting Blackfriars Guild events
    • Creating and producing shows on Fenwick Television
  • Chemistry Club

    Moderator- Marcus McKinley,
  • Chess Club

    Moderator- Jonathan King,
    Chess Club is open to all Fenwick students, regardless of skill level. Whether you are a skilled player who wants to sharpen your skills and test them at competitions, or you just enjoy playing the game and don’t wish to compete, or you’re a beginner who wants to learn how to play the game, we welcome you.

    Playing chess helps to develop many mental skills that are useful in life, such as: logic, strategic and tactical thinking, planning and preparation, and problem-solving. Chess Club provides an opportunity to simply have fun playing the game and making friendships, while building these skills at the same time.

    Chess is an IHSA Winter sport, and the Fenwick Chess Club is a member of the Chicago Chess Conference which includes 8 other regional Catholic high schools. Those members of the club who wish to compete can join the team that will represent us in conference competitions. Being present for conference competitions grants an automatic spot on the team for the state tournament.

    The Chess Club sponsors an annual faculty versus student tournament, as well as occasional intramural student tournaments which are open to all Fenwick students.
  • Community Outreach (Key Club)

    Moderator- Michael Slajchert,
    The Key Club is community service-based club that works to build leadership skills and foster the importance of giving back in high school students. This Fenwick club is a part of the larger, world-wide service organization, the Key Club. Along with a group of compassionate, like-minded peers, students participate in local service activities such as volunteering at a food pantry and also connecting with Key Clubbers from the rest of the Chicagoland area, and beyond!
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    The Key Club organizes service events that allow high schoolers to learn how and become involved in volunteering. The club also connects members from not only this school, but around the world. It also allows students to develop leadership skills by running for offices and helping organize events.

    • Oak Park-River Forest Food Pantry
    • Bake Sale Fundraisers
    • “Glass Slipper” Prom Dress collection
  • Debate Team

    Moderator- Arthur Wieckiewicz,
    RJ Schlesinger,

    The Debate Team is an award-winning competitive program on the local and national circuit. It practices weekly and competes during a season that lasts from mid-September through mid-March, and sometimes longer for top varsity debaters.

    • The team has never come home from the following competitions without hardware: Harvard Invitational, Newman Invitational (New Orleans), Dowling Catholic Paradigm
    • Lincoln-Douglas Debate 2016 IHAS State champion, Congressional Debate 2016 IHSA runner-up.
    • 2016 top qualifier for Northern Illinois in Lincoln-Douglas Debate; qualifier in Congressional Debate.
    Competitions include frequent local ones with both public and private schools, and separate national circuit competitions. We are members of the Illinois Congressional Debate Association, the Chicago Catholic Forensic League and the Illinois High School Association. Each separate team, Congress, Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum, competes roughly twice a month locally during the season.
  • E-Sports Club

    Moderator- Arthur Wieckiewicz,

    The Fenwick Esports team was founded in 2017 and has been growing ever since. We play several different games, including Super Smash Brothers Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, Overwatch on the PC, and Rocket League on the PC. We meet weekly on after 11th period and students get together to play and learn together regardless what grade they are in.

    We compete in the High School Esports League and with high schools in the Chicago land area. High School Esports is still in its early stages, but we are always looking for and finding events and tournaments for the club to compete in!


    We meet Thursday from 3:15-4:30pm in the Digital Resource Room in the Library
  • Environmental Club

    Moderator- Elizabeth Timmons,
    The goals of the Environmental Club are to increase awareness of environmental issues among faculty, staff, administration and students; assist faculty, staff, administration and students to become better stewards of the environment; make Fenwick a model high school for environmental education and environmentally sustainable practices.

    Everyone in the Fenwick community (students, teachers, administrators, alumni and parents) is invited to be a part of the Environmental Club.
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    The Environmental Club initiated a school-wide recycling program and placed bins in every classroom, meeting room and office, installed solar panels on the school roof, organized a school-wide assembly and year-long activities centered on climate change education, and have initiated plans to install a wind turbine on the school.

    The club meets between two to four times per month depending on the time of year. Most meetings center around the season’s activities, projects and future endeavors. These may include anything from a trip to a local environmental workshop or lecture series, planning for a fund-raising activity or raising awareness of sustainability issues in the school or community.
  • French Club

    Moderator- Korin Heinz,

    French Club is a social setting to promote the French language and culture.

    Socialize through education and the expansion of cultural knowledge.

    Movie nights, cuisine events, holiday parties, international breakfasts, bocce ball tournaments, t-shirt day, culinary demonstrations, guest speakers.
  • Friar Mentors

    Moderator- Sam Carraher,
    Diane Sabbia,
    Kyle Kmiecik,
  • German Club

    Moderator- Peter Blank,

    The German Club provides additional opportunities for those looking to do more with the language and culture outside of class time. In addition, it is open to all students, providing the opportunity for students of a different language to enjoy German food and culture. It also serves as a gathering place for the different levels of German students to interact and plan activities together.
    German Club offers social, cultural and educational benefits.

    Meetings, parties, field trips, outings, Movie Mornings
  • HOLA

    Moderator- Sam Carraher,

    HOLA (Hispanic Outreach & Latino Awareness) promotes Hispanic/Latino culture within Fenwick and forges connections with local Hispanic/Latino communities. Each meeting includes at least one discussion topic related to Hispanic/Latino culture.
    Every year we construct an altar in the Fenwick library to celebrate Day of the Dead, and we sponsor a food drive each spring to benefit the food pantry at St. Pius in Pilsen.

    Recent years have included a service trip to the St. Pius soup kitchen where we served food to people in need, a field trip to explore the National Museum of Mexican Art, an alumni panel that featured accomplished Fenwick alumni of Hispanic/Latino heritage, and a guest speaker who led discussion about the meaning and connotations of the terms "Hispanic" and "Latino." We meet every other Wednesday.
  • Italian Club

    Moderator- Shawna Hennessey,

    The Fenwick Italian Club—Il Circolo Italiano—seeks to celebrate and promote Italian and Italian-American cultures. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to interact in Italian while experiencing elements of Italian influence such as sports, food, art and music. The club’s most prominent event, St. Joseph’s Table, is not only an occasion for all students and faculty of Fenwick to participate in this significant Italian tradition, but it also serves as a fundraising opportunity for a convent in southern Italy. The members of the Italian Club share an appreciation for all languages and cultures, and therefore, welcome all Fenwick students to attend any of its events.
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    • Practice communication in the Italian language among all levels of students
    • Tasting authentic Italian cuisine
    • Experiencing cultural aspects including film, art, sports and hobbies in both Italian and Italian-American traditions
    • St. Joseph’s Day Feast and fundraiser
    • Italian Film Screenings
    • Trip (and tour) to Eataly, Chicago
    • Bocce Ball Tournament
    • Soccer Match
    • Chiacchiere e Caffé (Morning coffee and informal chatting in Italian, all levels welcome)
    • Italian Club banquet and Italian Honor Society induction ceremony (at Il Vicolo Ristorante in Oak Park)
  • Latin Certamen

    Moderator- Marissa Porter,

    Latin Certamen is for students interested in learning about the ancient Greco-Roman world. We practice weekly to compete against other schools on topics such as the Latin (and Greek) language, culture, history, mythology, etc.
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    • A deeper understanding of ancient worlds
    • The thrill of intellectual competition
    • League competitions
    • University of Chicago competition
    • Club dinners
  • Martial Arts Club

    Moderator- Tony McCormick,

    The Martial Arts Club introduces interested students into the martial arts of Hapkido, (street self-defense), the Art of Coordinated Power and Tai Chi.

    Students can earn a black belt in the art through training and self-discipline. The test is at the end of the school year for those who are qualified. Twenty-four students have earned their black belts over the years.

    • The club meets twice a week in the mornings from 6:30 to 7:15 from September through April.
  • Math Competition Club

    Moderator- Roger Finnell,
    Mary Cusack,
    Diane Sabbia,
    Brigid Esposito,
    Bozena Kopf,
    Maria Nowicki,
    Andrew Reuland,

    The Math Competition Club is one of Fenwick’s most winning academic organizations in school history. The contests give students extra practice for SAT/ACT exams with league contests giving students a chance to try more challenging problems, preparing them to represent Fenwick in outside math competitions.

    Over 300 students each year earn club points through results from club contests, participation in National Freshman Algebra League, Illinois Math League and Atlantic-Pacific Math League contests each year, as well as the American Mathematics Competitions, the Chicago Archdiocese Math Contest and the Illinois State Math Contest Regionals and State Finals. Fenwick also sponsors a Junior High School Math Contest for over 300 students.

    Goals and Highlights
    The goals of the Math Competition Club are:

    1. to give students extra opportunities to practice for the SAT and ACT exams through 45-minute- Club Competitions in September and October.
    2. to give students a chance to try more challenging problems through participation in several math leagues, which are:
      • National Freshman Algebra League (five 6-question 30-minute contests per year, with the top 6 scores forming the team score); Fenwick had the highest in the division 
      • The Illinois Math League (six 6-question 30-minute contest per year, with the top 5 scores forming the team score); Fenwick finished in first place in its region this past year;
      • the Atlantic-Pacific Math League (six 30-minute contests per year, with the top 10 scores forming the team score); Fenwick finished first in the Midwest region this past year. (These last two leagues are open to students from all four years)
    3. to look at the current club point standing list,
      • to choose the best students to represent Fenwick in the Archdiocese Math Contest (6 students), which Fenwick finished second
      • to choose 8-10 students per class year to be on the Fenwick State Math Team, The 36-member Fenwick State Math Team won its regional and qualified the whole team for the State Finals (not held) for the 27th straight year. Fenwick's regional score was the third-highest in the state in its division.
    4. to have all honors math students participate in the annual February American Mathematics Competitions (AMC-10 and AMC-12)
    • Club Competitions
    • Chicago Archdiocese Math Contest
    • American Mathematics Competitions AMC-12 and AMC-10
    • State Math Contest Regionals and Finals
    • Illinois Math League — six 30-minute contests
    • Atlantic-Pacific Math League — six 30-minute contests
    • National Freshman Algebra League — five 30-minute contests
    • Junior High School Math Contest — Saturday, November 7, 2020
  • Medical Club

    Moderator- Jennifer Riggs,
    Tim Menich,

    Find out if a career in medicine is right for you! Get an inside view on what different types of physicians and health care providers do, discuss current topics in medicine and the changing world of healthcare, and volunteer to help the medically underserved within our community.

    The Medical Club meets twice a month.

    Events & Outreach
    Partnership with Catholic Charities (Summer Health Fairs): August 12th and 19th, 2017
    Medical Student Panel: Steps to medical school from local medical students and residents
    Surgical Skills Lab: fun hands-on exposure to surgical techniques using models
    Vitals and Physical Diagnosis Lab: what do all those numbers and sounds really mean?
    Roadtrip with us to the International Museum of Surgical Science
    Northwestern Simulation (Innovations Laboratory): See and experience state-of-the art training devices that offer a window on the future of medical education.
    Monthly Invited Lecturer
  • Model United Nations Club

    Moderator- Mark Baran,

    The Model UN Club participates in university-sponsored Model UN conferences held throughout the school year. The conferences are fully integrated simulation experiences. As Fenwick students represent assigned nations in committees, student delegates cooperate and work across different forums and therefore come to appreciate the weight and diversity of international issues.

    Students benefit from engagement with current world issues, learn how the United Nations functions, and encounter other students from around the nation and world.

    • Model United Nations of DePaul University (CIMUN)
    • Model United Nations of the University of Chicago (MUNUC)
  • Photography Club

    Moderator- Scott Hardesty,

    This club allows students to learn about and enjoy photography. Beginners and experts are welcome to explore the world of photography.
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    • Students will learn how to improve their picture taking, interact with other photographers and display their work.
    • Field trips (TBD), bi-weekly meetings with guest speakers, public display case for photographs.
  • Polish Club

    Moderator Arthur Wieckiewicz,
  • Pride Alliance

    Moderator- Jennifer Riggs,
    Mary Visteen,
  • Right For Life Club

    Moderator- Sheila Regan,
  • Robotics Club

    Moderator- Peter Lamkin,

    Students design and build their robots from the ground up and must program the robots for the autonomous part of the competition as well as user controlled portion. Students learn the fundamentals of engineering design and computer programming. Students work in groups based on age and experience. Competitions are fast, furious, and very exciting. It is a great way to get a start in engineering design.

    Highlights to be posted.

    Fenwick Robotics Club participates each year in the VEX Robotics competitions. VEX Robotics is an international robotics corporation and holds contests at the local, state, national and international levels. Each year there is a new “game” for that year that the students must build and program their robots to compete in. Competitions are held in a 12’ by 12’ arena against other robotic teams.
  • SAFE (Students Advocating for Equity)

    Moderator- Mary Visteen,

    As Fenwick’s Equality Club, we will strive for empowering marginalized groups of people such as women, the LGBTQ community, African Americans, and other minorities. We aim to educate the Fenwick community and student body on opportunities to support oppressed groups and to work to alleviate social justice issues.  A main goal of this organization is to promote open discussion and awareness about conflicts in modern culture and politics and topics surrounding intersectionality. Raised consciousness of these subjects will lead to positive contribution to the community through service.

    Objectives We Plan to Foster
    • Organizing and participating in service projects centered on disenfranchised groups.
    • Host speaking engagements for informed, activist speakers
    • Maintain respectful forums of discussion surrounding political speeches and current events
    • Hold formal debates on controversial current and proposed legislation
  • Sailing Team

    Join us on the water! Picture yourself among the lapping waves of Lake Michigan with the Chicago skyline as the backdrop. Fenwick sails both Fall and Spring seasons out of Columbia Yacht Club. While no previous experience is required, consistent commitment to practice is expected. Attending two practices per week is suggested to build expertise and participate in regattas. Our emphasis is on mastering sailing skills in a variety of conditions, collaboration with friendly competition and safety.

    Regarding transportation, families and sailors typically arrange transit to and from practices and regattas via carpool or Metra/CTA.

    Sailors must register through Columbia prior to sailing: Here

    View Photos
    • Fall Highlights: We splashed into our second season with 22 members from all grades! We have participated in many regattas, including the Great Oaks Regatta in Wayzata, Minn. where Harry Bearrows and Maura Hopkinson placed 1st for silver fleet, and the Banks Blackwell Regatta in Culver, IN. where we placed 3rd in A division!
    • Practices: Sailing out of Columbia Yacht Club (111 N Lake Shore Drive, Chicago 60601.; 312-938-3625)
    • Regattas (races): Weekends, mainly take place in the Chicago metropolitan area.
    • Exact schedules will be posted when released for the season
    • Philanthropy: Fall Campaign: Toys for Tots; Spring Initiative: Summer clothing drive for Goodwill Industries
    Social Media
    Follow us!


    Practice Times
    Sailing out of Columbia Yacht Club (111 N Lake Shore Drive, Chicago 60601. Columbiayachtclub.org312-938-3625)

    Register through Columbia before sailing: Here

    New Sailors

    • Mondays & Fridays
    • 4–6:30 p.m. 
    • Saturdays
    • 9 a.m.–4 p.m. (considered a double session)
    Experienced Sailors

    • Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
    • 4–6:30 p.m.

  • Scholastic Bowl

    Moderator- Jerry Kribs,
    Dave Setum,

    Scholastic Bowl is an IHSA-sanctioned activity where teams from different schools compete by answering questions based upon different subject areas such as math, science, literature, religion, mythology, philosophy, economics, history, music, art and current events. Matches are run by having team members buzzing in (much like the show Jeopardy!) to answer points, and collaborate on more in-depth questions regarding similar subjects.

    • South Metropolitan Varsity Champions: 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018
    • South Metropolitan Junior Varsity Champions: 2013–2016
    Various IHSSBCA Tournaments (Novice, Kickoff, Turnabout), History Bee and Bowl, South Metropolitan Scholastic Bowl League
  • Spanish Club

    Moderator- Cristina Lilek,

    The Spanish Club is open to students of all four grades who are interested in participating in activities which are related to Hispanic culture and the Spanish language.  The club elects four officers in the fall and these students direct the club’s activities throughout the year.

    The club provides an opportunity to students of different grades and backgrounds to meet, socialize and develop friendships.  One of the highlights of the year is the creation of an original club t-shirt to be worn on the designated Fenwick language club day.

    Most of the meetings take place in the morning before school.  We often have breakfast meetings to which students bring Hispanic foods to sample. We frequently sing Spanish-language songs at these breakfast meetings.  Other social events include parties with the other foreign language clubs, cooking demonstrations, and restaurant trips.  For the past several years at Christmas time the club has collected hats, gloves and coats for local parishes with needy families.
  • Speech Team

    Moderator- Geralyn Magrady,

    Speech offers a unique opportunity for any student to express his/her individual speaking and dramatic talents in a competitive atmosphere. Students compete against other schools in 16 events including, radio speaking, prose, poetry, oratory, extemporaneous speaking, impromptu speaking, informational speaking, oratorical declamation, humorous duet acting, dramatic duet acting, dramatic interpretation, humorous interpretation, original comedy, performance in the round and group interpretation. So whether you want to talk about politics, develop your acting talent or even practice radio broadcasting, Speech Team is for you.

    The Speech Team is a flexible organization that accommodates students who represent Fenwick in other sports and activities. Our most successful members are regularly involved in fall, winter and spring sports.

    Fenwick Speech Team members have regularly been accepted to prestigious colleges and universities. Speech team members are also invited to compete for Fenwick at national competitions.

    • The Speech Team participates in various competitions at the best public and private high schools throughout the country during the school year.
    • We also compete at Harvard University in Cambridge and Isidore Newman High School in New Orleans.
  • Spoken Word & Poetry Club

    Moderator- Runako Robinson,

    The Poetry Club is a group of students who are all excited about the art of poetry!  Primarily, we want to achieve self-expression and enhance our literacy through the writing and performance of poetry.

    What We Do
    • Read poetry
    • Study and enjoy videos of performance/ spoken-word poetry
    • Write our own poetry
    • Perform our poems for each other and for larger audiences whenever we can
    Through this work, we share our lives with one another. Because of this, we have a basic ground-rule that guides our time together: no 'isms. (no racism, sexism, etc.) We are a community founded on the principle of mutual respect. We don't always agree with one another, but we are open to seeing the world through another's eyes. We recognize that each one of us has a unique and valuable set of life experiences that inform the way we see the world. The underlying philosophy allows students to be true to themselves while we geek-out over poetry.
    View Photos

    One of the highlights of the club is our participation in “Louder Than A Bomb”, a city-wide poetry slam. In this competition, students come from across the city to share their stories through their poetry. While the event is competitive, there is also a tremendous sense of camaraderie. Each poet knows that it takes endless hours of revision and practice, and-- most importantly--guts to get on stage and share your words with the world. Students always snap, cheer, and applaud whenever they hear something they love--even if it is a competitor. Every poet who participates recognizes and celebrates the inherent skill of the other poets. A few years ago they created a documentary about the competition.

    Click here to watch the trailer for the documentary and find out more about it

    We've also hosted an annual Open Mic in Fenwick's auditorium for the past two years. It is a way for us to share poetry with the wider Fenwick community. Last year we had nearly 35 poets share their work on stage!

    Our club meets about once every two weeks during the fall and spring, and once per week in the winter as we prepare for LTAB competition, as well as the “Louder Than a Bomb” poetry slam and the Open Mic.
  • St. Catherine/St. Lucy Tutoring Program

    Moderator- Geralyn Magrady,
  • Student Council

    The Fenwick High School Student Council is responsible for organizing social and extracurricular events for the school. Although the Council includes elected positions for all grades, the majority of the members of the Student Council have gained their membership by attending meetings and planning events. Our elected members serve as the formal representatives of their class and as the liaisons between the student body and school administration.

    The Student Council creates many opportunities for leadership and mentoring. Participation in the club also allows students to influence the social and extracurricular activities in the school.

    • Homecoming Events
      • Pep Rally
      • Spirit Week Activities
      • Spirit Week Dress Down
      • Homecoming Dance
    • Christmas Cheer Events
      • Gingerbread Decorating Contest
      • Door Decorating Contest
      • Christmas around the World Event
    • Blood Drive
    • Seasonal Sports Pep Rallies
    • Turnabout Dance
    • Junior Date Dance
    • Senior Prom
    • Senior Post Prom

    Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science (TEAMS) is an annual competition for high school students designed to help them discover their potential for engineering.

    The competition challenges students to work in groups to solve real world engineering scenarios that they study throughout the school year. Successful teams must apply their math and science knowledge in practical, creative ways to solve these real-world engineering challenges. Scenarios focus on topics relative to today’s society and change yearly. Previous topics have been energy efficiency, flood control, computer security, environmental protection, cancer treatments, air transportation, life support systems, and ice cream manufacturing.
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    • Work in teams using your classroom knowledge to solve real world problems
    • Learn about the engineering career and the rigor it entails
    • Be a part of a winning tradition (10 state championships in the last 18 years)
    • Weekly morning meetings from November through March to study the scenarios.
    • Competition in March at Illinois Institute of Technology
  • The Wick

    Moderator- Katie Marino-

    The Wick is Fenwick’s award-winning student newspaper. Published monthly during the school year, The Wick is managed completely by dozens of student writers, illustrators, photographers, and editors.

    New writers, artists, and photographers are always encouraged to get involved in The WickStudent editors support contributors through the process of developing ideas, interviewing sources, crafting work across a variety of modes of journalism, and revising pieces for publication. During layout week each month, the editorial team designs pages using Adobe software, and The Wick is published in print and online. Joining The Wick is a great way for students to build journalism skills, collaborate with classmates, and explore activities and events across the Fenwick community.
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    Read The Wick Online
  • Touchstone

    Moderator- Laura Gallinari,

    Touchstone is Fenwick’s student magazine, featuring student writing and artwork. Each year, the Creative Writing 2 class—led by student editors— evaluates submissions, makes selections of writing and artwork, designs the magazine, and executes the layout process. The entire magazine is student-produced with faculty guidance.

    We pride ourselves on including a variety of voices that represent different literary genres (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama), as well as artists creating in multiple media (photography, acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, batik, sculpture, pastel, digital, etc.).
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    Mission Statement
    "Touchstone is a showcase for student creative work, for the self-expression and recognition of student artists and writers and the inspiration and enrichment of its readers."

  • Wellness Club

    Moderator- Nancy Drennan,
    The Wellness Club focuses on a range of topics that fall under physical, social/emotional, and mental health. Club members promote awareness of chosen topics by planning events and activities that educate the Fenwick community and encourage healthy choices. Substance abuse prevention and mental health are key areas of focus, but the club does not limit itself to these areas.
    Leadership opportunities, the chance to connect with like-minded teens who seek to make healthy decisions as they navigate high school, a creative outlet for those who enjoy designing posters, banners and other visual displays to underline the Wellness Club’s messages.
    The Wellness Club leads the school in drawing attention to Red Ribbon Week each fall. Other topics vary (Eating Disorders Awareness Week and Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month among others) and often include a guest speaker along with announcements.
  • Women's STEAM

    Moderator- Amy Christophell,
    Elizabeth Timmons,
  • Write Place

    Moderator-  Jen Ori,
    Lauren Trifilio,
  • Yearbook

    Moderator- Grace David,
    Tracy Carey,

    The Blackfriars Yearbook is a student-run publication that aims to encapsulate the year through stories and photos. Each year, students choose a theme and work tirelessly to publish the year’s biggest events. Moderators help students in both the class and club to stay true to the theme and to be as creative as possible. Students work on Dell desktops and become proficient in photography skills and using Adobe InDesign. They also see the publishing process from start to finish with the help of the yearbook company, Walsworth. The yearbook office is located in the priory, office number 301-P. Yearbook is always accepting new members. Please contact a moderator to find out what you can do to help.

    Yearbook is always accepting pictures. If you have a great photo that you would like to submit, please email one of the moderators.
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