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Bus & Shuttle Service Information 2021-2022 School Year

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  • Shuttle Service

    Western Suburbs (Naperville, Hinsdale, Western Springs LaGrange Etc.):
    The Metra/Burlington Northern pickup will be in downtown Riverside (AM) and the drop off will be in Berwyn (PM).

    Northwest Suburbs (Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Elmhurst Etc.):
    The Metra/Union Pacific pickup and drop off will be at North Blvd / Marion St. in Oak Park.

    • Buses for the Metra Stations will also arrive before Period 1 and will be available after Periods 10 & 11.
    • The Activity Bus leaves Fenwick at 5:30pm.
    • Buses are limited to 48 students per bus on a first come first service basis.
  • Route Service

    South Route will use the following borders for its service run:
    Central Avenue (east), 63rd Street (south), and will return to Fenwick along Harlem Avenue (west).

    North Route will border Foster (north), Cumberland (west) and Austin Avenue (east).

    Lake View Route – Lake Shore(east) Belmont (north) I-290 (south)

    For students taking the Routes:

    • Students with paid registration will determine the bus routes.
    • Occasional riders will NOT influence bus routes.
    • Every effort will be made to schedule a stop within a few blocks of each student’s home.
    • Routes will be determined in August.
    • Temporary bus passes and copies of the routes will be sent out in August. Permanent bus passes for the 2021/2022 school year will be processed once ID photos are taken. Your I.D. is your bus pass.
    • North/South Route buses will arrive before Period 01 and will leave after Period 11. 
    • Occasional rider bus coupons are available for students on the Fenwick web site. The cost Coupons books are $50.00 for a total of 10 rides.  Coupons books are sold Online, please bring your receipt to the reception desk to claim your book.
    • Buses are limited to 48 students per bus on a first come first service basis.

Bus Registration will end on August 1st

South Bus Route
Burlington Line Pickup
Lake/Marion Line Pickup
North Bus Route
Lakeview Route

All routes will require a deposit of $100.00 at registration.  The balance will be paid in 8 equal installments beginning September 2021 through April 2022.
Cost is based on the assumption that we will be returning to a normal school schedule provided that the CDC guidelines allow.      
Register online. You will need your UltraCamp login and password when registering. You can use this link to either set-up your account or to retrieve your password.


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  • Garage Permit Parking Sale

    Garage Permit Parking Hang Tags will be sold online through the Fenwick Website via Ultracamp. This sale will be conducted in mid May annually. There will be 300 garage permits sold, and the sale will begin with incoming seniors followed by the juniors and sophomores. Once the parking is sold out, there will be a wait list for any additional tags. Parking in the lot will begin on the first full day of school and end on the last day of second semester final exams.
  • Parking Garage Procedures

    Students must always display garage parking hang tags on their vehicles while in the parking garage. All parking spaces will be distributed on a first come basis. There will not be any assigned parking in the parking garage. All students will be required to use the stairs to travel through the garage levels. Elevator passes will be available through the dean’s office only. The parking garage will be available for parking from 7:30am to 9:00pm daily. Accommodations will be made for morning athletics and activities.
  • Parking Garage Rules & Regulations

    In order to keep the Parking Garage safe for those entering into the facility, the following rules and regulations cover any and all uses of the parking garage by any Fenwick student, employee, family member of a student, and visitor at any time of the day. These rules are in effect during both the COVID-19 school schedule and once school returns to the regular school schedule at a later date.
    1. All persons operating a motor vehicle within the parking garage will adhere to any and all local and state traffic laws.
    2. All persons operating a motor vehicle within the parking garage will obey the posted signage affixed to the building itself or a portable sign post that govern speed, safety requirements, traffic directions, any emergency postings, and any miscellaneous postings.
    Student Usage: During the School Day
    1. Students will proceed into the Main Parking lot area as directed by posted signs and pavement markings leading to the Parking Garage. These avenues are from the Main Entrance to the Main Lot, off of East Avenue and from the westbound traffic lanes of Madison Street, into the South Parking Lot.
    2. Students will safely and slowly proceed into the Parking Garage via the southwest portion of the garage (the Entrance / Exit).
    3. Students must display their hangtag when entering the garage so the faculty member monitoring the garage area can view it.
    4. Students will carefully travel through the garage to find a parking space. Spaces are not assigned and can be used on a first come – first served basis.
    5. Students will proceed forward from the Entrance to locate a parking space. ALL parking spaces to the right (east) of the Entrance – Exit are reserved. No exceptions. Students found parking in that area will be subject to discipline from the Dean’s Office.
    6. Students may only park in the Disabled Persons Parking Spaces by displaying a valid, Handicapped Placard issued by the State of Illinois, or by displaying State of Illinois-issued, Handicapped license plates attached to the vehicle. Illegally parked vehicles will be subject to discipline from the Dean’s Office and may be subject to a parking citation issued by the Oak Park Police Department.
    7. Once a student has safely parked their vehicle, they will display their hangtag from the rearview mirror so that it is able to be viewed from anywhere outside of the vehicle.
    8. Students will proceed carefully and safely to the stairwell nearest their parked vehicle to proceed to the ground level in order to exit the garage. Students will not walk along the ramp levels in traffic to the ground levels in order to exit.
    9. Students are expected to abide by the same rules governing elevator usage in the parking garage as they are within the school.
    10. Any student engaging in inappropriate or reckless behavior in, or around the garage, involving a vehicle or not, will be subject to discipline from the Dean’s Office.
    Please direct all questions to Jerry Ruffino, Director of Operations., or call (708) 948-0318 media queries
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