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Student Services

The Student Services Department consists of the Dean of Students, class counselors, college counselors, school social worker and the school nurse. These offices offer services to students and their parents helping them to make the most of their Fenwick experience. 

Contact Student Services for assistance with attendance, discipline, counseling, college decisions, and health and social issues. They will be glad to help you and answer any questions you may have in regard to student activities at Fenwick.

Student Services Departments

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 StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Nancy Drennan Nancy Drennan Social Worker  ext. 334
Grace Lilek David Grace Lilek David Learning Resource Coordinator  ext. 129
Kyle Kmiecik Kyle Kmiecik Learning Resources Coordinator  ext. 118
Charly Ieremia Charly Ieremia Dean of Students  ext. 316
Raymond Moland Raymond Moland Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  ext. 309
Kitty Monty Kitty Monty R.N., School Nurse  ext. 170
Daniel O'Keefe Daniel O'Keefe Dean of Students  ext. 135
Terrence O'Rourke * Terrence O'Rourke Director of Student Services/English Teacher  ext. 328
Donna Pape Donna Pape R.N., School Nurse  ext. 170
Yvette Rowe Yvette Rowe Administrative Assistant to Student Services  ext. 326
Jim Segredo Jim Segredo Counselor, Class of 2023  ext. 319
Mary Visteen Mary Visteen Counselor, Class of 2022  ext. 329
Emily Anderson Emily Anderson College Counselor  ext. 327
Halle Winkler Halle Winkler Social Worker  ext. 308
Igho Oraka Igho Oraka College Counselor  ext. 303
Beth Dunne Beth Dunne Counselor, Class of 2024  ext. 331
Registrar/ Attendance Office Registrar/ Attendance Office Registrar/Attendance Office  ext. 341
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