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Health Office


Welcome to the Fenwick Health Office

The goal of the Health Office is to focus on the optimal health of each individual student. To achieve effective care, we look at the needs of each individual and take into account the physical, emotional and spiritual components.  The student is given the utmost respect and dignity during their stay in the health office. All information in the Health Office remains confidential.

  • Evaluate and provide care for students who are ill or injured during the school day.

  • Manage medication administration as dictated by the students’ physicians.

  • Provide elevator access to those students with a qualifying note from their physician.

  • Monitor compliance with Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) physical exam and immunization guidelines.

  • Maintain school health records as mandated by the IDPH and ISBE.

  • Monitor and maintain functionality of the 5 AEDs in the school.

  • Collaborate with school social workers and counselors in providing social-emotional support to students in need of such services.


Health Office Contacts

Donna Pape, R.N., BSN
email Donna

Kitty Monty, CNA
email Kitty

708-386-0127 ext170


Tony McCormick


Arielle Willett