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Fenwick Wins the 2022 Division 2A State Math Championship!

The Fenwick High School Math Team was declared State Champions in Division 2A at the ICTM State Math Awards ceremony on Wednesday, May 4th! This accomplishment marks the second time (2002) in the history of Fenwick that they have taken home the state championship trophy. The team has qualified for the state finals for 29 consecutive years and has been led by Roger Finnell since its conception 42 years ago.
Over 40 Fenwick Friars have worked countless hours in weekly practices, from November through April, to achieve this ranking. 
In addition to taking home the team state championship, Fenwick was ranked 1st Place in the following events: Oral Topic, 8-Person Junior-Senior, Precalculus Team, and Geometry Team. The Algebra 1 Team and 8-person Frosh-Soph team earned 2nd place trophies. 
The complete list of those earning awards in the state competition is listed below.
Congratulations to Roger Finnell, the students who worked tirelessly to achieve this ranking, and the assistant coaches Diane Sabbia and Brigid Esposito!
Top 2A Team Scores
660 - Fenwick
587 - Lake Forest Academy
567 - Morton (IL)
559 - Mahomet-Seymour
555 - Latin School
513 - Montini
507 - St. Francis
485 - Wheaton Academy
474 - St. Viator
460 - Marmion
Individual Awards
• Precalculus - Finley Huggins (1st Place)
• Geometry - Toby Yang (1st Place)
• Algebra I - Kyra Miller (2nd Place)
• Algebra II - Quinn Hynes (6th Place)
• Geometry - Luke Dolsen (9th Place)
Team Awards
• 8-Person Jr./Sr. Team - Finley Huggins, Hugo Nunez, Katy Nairn, Samantha Carpenter, Mallory Turner, Annie Showel, Vincent Meo, Quinn Hynes (1st Place)
• Precalculus Team - Finley Huggins, Zach Dahhan, Hugo Nunez, Samantha Carpenter, Vince Beltran, Lindsey Drumm (1st Place)
• Geometry Team - Toby Yang, Luke Dolsen, Sean White, Declan Huggins, Rowan Auriemma, Henry Zimmer (1st Place)
• Algebra I Team - Kyra Miller, Sean Nairn, Finnbarr Munley, Cole Ude, Rachel Abraham, Clare Kapsch (2nd Place)
• 8-Person Frosh/Soph Team - Toby Yang, Luke Dolsen, Gace Kapsch, Declan Huggins, Kyra Miller, Clare Kapsch, Cole Ude, Sean Nairn (2nd Place)
• Calculator Team - Vince Beltran, Nolan Crowell, Jake Leonardi, Toby Yang, Kyra Miller (6th Place)
• Algebra II Team - Quinn Hynes, Vincent Meo, Katie Vogelsperger, Mallory Turner, Nick Scudder, Annie Showel (7th Place)
Watch as math coach/teacher Roger Finnell reacts to the announcement that his Fenwick team placed first in the 2022 Division 2A State Math Championship.

(Video courtesy of Mallory Turner '23)

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