Aiding the Young Victims of War

Sophomore students help to raise nearly $1,200 for children in Ukraine.
“As you all know, the situation in Ukraine is dire and has had a catastrophic impact on civilian lives,” Fenwick student Anna Androsyuk ’24 (Chicago) told classmates during last week’s morning announcements. “Hospitals, schools, museums, memorials, churches and homes have been destroyed, killing hundreds of civilians.” Ms. Androsyuk and her family emigrated from the Ukraine to the United States when she was seven years old. “I still have a lot of family members over there,” she says.
Androsyuk believes it is important to help in any way she can, so she has organized a fundraiser to help Ukrainians. “Save the Children is an organization that works to provide food, water, medicine, hygiene kits and mental help to Ukrainian children,” explains Anna, who has collected more than $1,000 in the Fenwick atrium and during lunch periods. Her school quest continues through the rest of this week. Assisting her is classmate Rozlyn Plazas, who hails from Elmwood Park, IL, and empathizes with the plight of immigrant families.
“In the modern world, no one should be able to walk onto a sovereign country's land and claim it as their own. Today, Ukrainians are fighting not just for their land, but beyond that for their nation, their freedom and, above all, their lives. More than 100 children have been killed in these violent attacks,” she adds, “and millions continue to suffer.”
Student donations of over $5 qualify for a raffle to win a $25 Amazon gift card, $25 Visa gift card or $20 DoorDash gift card. “We appreciate your support,” says a grateful Anna: “Glory to Ukraine.”
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