Faculty Focus

Faculty Focus: March 2019

Math Teacher Robert Arscott, who will retire in June, is in his 46th year of teaching – and his 40th at Fenwick!
What is your educational background?
RA: I have a bachelor’s degree in secondary education & mathematics and a master’s degree in mathematics: both from DePaul University (Chicago).

What did you do prior to becoming a teacher at Fenwick?
RA: I taught at St. Michael Central High School in Chicago [Old Town] for six years. I was Dean of Students when the school closed in 1978.

What are you currently reading for enjoyment?
RA: I enjoy reading calculus books for fun.

What interests do you pursue outside of the classroom?
RA: I enjoy walking.

To what teams and/or clubs did you belong as a student?
RA: I was on the Math Team my senior year at St. Patrick High School (Chicago).

Which clubs/sports/activities do you run at Fenwick?
RA: I was assistant cross country and track coach in 1978.

What quality/characteristic marks a Fenwick student?
RA: The single most outstanding characteristic of the Fenwick student is that most are very respectful and helpful.

When did you decide to become a teacher, and why did you choose this field?
RA: I decided to become a teacher during my senior year at St. Pat’s. I was inspired by my math teacher, the late Richard Mueller.

What personal strengths do you find especially helpful in your teaching?
RA: My strength as a teacher is my passion for mathematics.

What is your philosophy of education?
RA: My philosophy of education is simply always being prepared to do the best possible job every day. I constantly re-evaluate myself at the end of each day to ask if I really made things clear to my students.

What is the greatest success you have had in teaching?
RA: I get great joy when my students do well on the AP CALC EXAM in May. One of my greatest achievements was when all my AP students got a '5' on the AP exam in 2005.
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