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Collegiate Friars: August 2021

Fenwick caught up with two 2017 classmates and recent college under-graduates.

Fenwick Graduation: 2017
Hometown: River Forest, IL
Grade School: Roosevelt Middle School
College: Graduated from University of Michigan, May 2021
Major: Industrial and Operations Engineering

Summer Internship: Last summer, I served as an actuarial intern for Ally Insurance.

Career Aspirations: I will be starting my career at KPMG Chicago in October as an actuarial associate within their Deal Advisory practice. I plan on getting my ASA credential and using my time at KPMG to explore what I want to accomplish next.

Fenwick Achievements/Activities: Varsity Tennis, WYSE, TEAMS and a State Champion as a member of the Fenwick Math Team.

Fenwick teacher who had the most influence on you: It’s difficult to name just one teacher, but I’d have to go with Mr. Farran. In addition to teaching me chemistry, he also taught me how to be a better person and to be proud of my personal accomplishments. I feel so blessed to be just one of his many students during his time at Fenwick.

Fenwick class that had the most influence on you: Br. Byrd’s English class my senior year did a fantastic job of preparing me for my time at Michigan. He was a tough grader when it came to writing theses which brought out the best in my writing style. Thankfully as an engineering student I didn’t have too many writing assignments, but when I did, I was prepared and excelled thanks to Br. Byrd’s teachings.

Best Fenwick experience/the one you would like to live again: I have a soft spot for my times participating in the State Math competition. It was always a really good time being at UIUC with Mr. Finnell and the rest of my team, but it was an extra special occasion my junior year when I was a member of the state champion relay team. Then my senior year, the competition was the same day I found out I was accepted at my dream school (Michigan), which was just an incredible way to celebrate the culmination of my four years at Fenwick with some of my closest friends.

What Fenwick experience changed you the most: Kairos was an important stepping stone in becoming the person I am today as it allowed me to open up a bit more with my emotions and with other people. I was incredibly shy during my time at Fenwick, but being able to express myself in a welcoming environment really helped break me out of my shell.


Fenwick Graduation: 2017
Hometown: Berwyn IL
Grade School: Saint Mary Riverside
College: Saint Ambrose University
Major: Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, Minor in Criminal Justice, May 2021; Master of Accounting, May 2022

Summer Internship: For the past two summers I have interned with Caterpillar Inc. in their Financial Analysis department. Currently, I am working in the Corporate Forecasting group out of their headquarters in Deerfield, IL. I assist in creating quarterly forecasting reports for the entire company. It has been an amazing experience working for a global company because it allows me to interact with so many cultures and understand the impact we have in other countries.

Career Aspirations: Upon graduating with my masters in May of 2022, I plan to accept a full-time position working for CAT Inc. in the Dallas, Texas area.

Fenwick Achievements/Activities: Fenwick Swimming and Diving and member of 2016 State Water Polo Champion Team.

Fenwick teacher who had the most influence on you: Not technically a teacher, but my work-study proctor Mrs. Tartaglia had the greatest impact on me. I worked with her for two years and she guided me through many college decisions and always encouraged me to do better in my athletic and academic endeavors. She holds a special place in my heart and I will never forget the smile she had when anyone walked through the Fenwick doors.

Fenwick class that had the most influence on you: I believe that my American Studies Class taught by Mr. McGuire and Mrs. Kotty junior year had the most influence on me because we were taught so much more than just history and English from a textbook. Current events were always the topic of open discussions and allowed us to hear our peers’ thoughts and perspectives on topics. It allowed me to open my mind up to different ways of thinking. I learned so much about modern history and really enjoyed the teaching style of applying English topics to history lessons!

Best Fenwick experience/the one you would like to live again: One experience I would love to live again was winning the IHSA Water Polo state championship in 2016. The excitement inside the pool and the stands was unmatched!

What Fenwick experience changed you the most: Being part of the Fenwick Aquatics program changed me the most because natatorium became a second home for four years! I learned so many life lessons from coaches and teammates on the meaning of teamwork and dependability. It was the best to see each other always encouraging others to do their best no matter the situation.
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