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World Languages

The World Language Department offers a four- or five-year sequence in French, German, Italian, Latin, Mandarin and Spanish. All students take four years of world language. An AP course is offered as the culmination of all five language programs. Every world language course includes some cultural or historical units. In the modern languages, the goal is to provide a balanced program of reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension.

Department Honors

Every year our students win more than two-hundred bronze, silver and gold medals in the national exams.

Department Extracurriculars

  • The World Language Department offers a club corresponding to each of the languages.  
    • French Club
    • German Club
    • Italian Club
    • Latin Club
    • Spanish Club
  • Every student enrolled in a language course takes the national exam in the respective language.
  • Some Spanish students participate in the yearly Oral Proficiency Contest.
  • Latin students can compete in the Latin Certamen Contest

  • AP French

  • AP German

  • AP Italian

  • AP Latin

  • AP Mandarin

  • AP Spanish

  • French I

  • French II

  • French III Honors

  • German I

  • German II

  • German III Honors

  • Italian I

  • Italian II

  • Italian III Honors

  • Latin I

  • Latin II

  • Latin III Honors

  • Mandarin I

  • Mandarin II

  • Mandarin III Honors

  • Spanish I

  • Spanish II

  • Spanish III

  • Spanish III Honors

  • Spanish IV

  • Spanish IV Honors

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