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Whether it has been days, months, years, or decades since you attended Fenwick High School, I want to welcome you to the Fenwick Alumni Page.

Throughout this website, you will discover various ways for Fenwick alumni to engage with Fenwick and with each other. We invite you to explore the many opportunities available, from upcoming events, to educational programming, to ways to volunteer, connect online or network together.

The future of Fenwick High School is bright, but Fenwick cannot achieve new heights without our alumni. By creating a vibrant alumni network, we will ensure that Fenwick’s tradition of excellence will continue outside the hallowed halls of 505 Washington Blvd.

Fenwick High School is only able to move forward through the generosity of our alumni. By giving Fenwick High School your time and expertise, we will move into next year with enthusiasm and fortitude, striving to give the best opportunities to Fenwick’s stellar student body.

We hope to better connect you to each other and Fenwick. We invite you to participate in our beloved Fenwick community. Most of all, we hope that you will stay involved and stay in touch with Fenwick High School.

Peter Durkin '03
Director of Alumni Relations


Join Friars Connect Today!

FriarsConnect is a new, professional networking tool that is 100% exclusive to the Fenwick Community.  With it, you will be able to

  • Find jobs and internships where you can work with your fellow Friars
  • Cultivate meaningful mentoring opportunities
  • Connect with and organize the powerful relationships available via the Fenwick community
  • And so much more