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Tuition & Financial Assistance

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the 2018–2019 school year is $15,900
Activity Fee: Grades 9-11  $175
Senior Fee: $375
Kairos: $280

Online FACTS financial aid application

In-House Financial Assistance

Fenwick High School has a financial assistance program in order to assist families with the cost of tuition. Families must apply each year for financial assistance. This year, Fenwick will award just over $2.0 million in need-based assistance.

Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program

The Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program was passed by the State of IL in late August. CLICK HERE for more information about the program and what Fenwick High School is doing at the present time. We will pass along updated information, as the Illinois Department of Revenue issues further guidelines. The Archdiocese is affiliated with Empower Illinois Scholarship Granting Organization. If you have questions please contact

Tax Scholarship Presentation

Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to Fenwick’s financial assistance, many of our students receive awards from various groups and organizations. These groups generally have similar requirements (application, tax return information, asset and housing information) and some may have additional requirements for academic achievement. Please feel free to call the listed agencies for more information. If you are interested in applying to one of these organizations be aware that most have very strict deadlines. Contact them to obtain further information.

Big Shoulders Fund
In promotion of Catholic Education, Big Shoulders provides scholarships K-12. Award amounts vary on need and grant type. For more information, call 312-751-8337.

Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund
Daniel Murphy awards $4,000 per year to students. Application deadline is October 20, 2017. Call 312-455-7803.

HFS Chicago Scholars
HFS provides scholarships to economically disadvantaged, at-risk Chicago inner-city students who show academic leadership and promise. Application deadline is November 15, 2017. For application details call 312-421-4070.

HighSight provides scholarships to Chicago families with motivated students. Applications for the class of 2022 will be available in December, 2017. Call 312-787-9824.

LINK Unlimited
Link awards $3,000–$5,000 per year to economically disadvantaged African-American students. Application deadline is November 17, 2017. Call 312-225-5465

Other Sources

Be sure to check with your parish for possible opportunities as well as fraternal organizations such as Knights of Columbus.

Through Your Tuition Solutions, we are now able to offer a Tuition Loan Program. For information about this program, please e-mail Sharon Bolden at

2018-2019 Financial Aid Information

We understand that as families look for a school that is the best fit for them, they may discover that financing their child’s education is a challenge. Fenwick offers financial aid to families within a wide range of income levels, and the school makes every effort to provide each admitted student with the resources she/he needs to attend the school. We believe that students learn best when their peers are from a variety of economic, cultural and geographic backgrounds. Our philosophy is guided by Fenwick’s Mission Statement. On average, Fenwick provides over $2 million in need-based financial aid awards.

Open House Presentation

Financial Aid Eligibility

Fenwick uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, an independent, outside provider to collect and analyze family financial data. In computing the amount of the award, Fenwick considers factors such as family size, income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and priorities for spending. Fenwick’s process for assessing need adheres to nationally accepted standards of best practice. All information submitted to FACTS and Fenwick High School is kept confidential. The primary responsibility for financing a private school education rests with the student’s family. The Financial Aid Committee reserves the right to impute an annual income of $25,000 for a non-working parent who does not have a child less than five years of age at home. Exceptions will be made if the parent is unemployed and seeking employment, critically ill or disabled, or caring for a critically ill disabled child, parent, or grandparent.

Divorced/Separated/Non-Married Parents

We expect financial information from both parents in cases of divorced or separated parents, and parents who never married, regardless of their legal relationship, and regardless of financial obligations as decided by the courts. We will not be bound by the assertion that one parent has a disclaimed responsibility for education expenses.  If either parent is remarried, we also expect financial information from their spouse. In determining total household income, we will keep in mind the financial obligations of a step- parent to any of his/her children from a previous relationship.

Application Process

Financial aid grants are made for one year and, therefore, you must reapply each year. To start the process please visit Apply for Financial Aid

The application process is self-guided. You can navigate in and out of the program allowing you to go back to the application at a later time. Online e-mail and a 24/7 helpline are provided. The application charge is $25.00 per family, payable by credit card at the end of the session.

After completing the online application, you are required to submit your 2016 Federal and State tax returns along with all supporting schedules and 2017 W-2s. Fenwick reserves the right to ask for your 2017 tax return at a later date. All information should be scanned and uploaded in pdf format to the FACTS site. Documentation can also be faxed to 866-315-9264 or mailed to the address below. Please be sure to include the applicant ID on all faxed or mailed correspondence.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment
PO Box 82524
Lincoln, NE 68501-2524

If you have questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 866-441-4637.

If your child receives a scholarship through the Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO), your Fenwick award will be adjusted to reflect that award. If the SGO award is higher, you will not receive additional aid from Fenwick.  If the Fenwick award is higher, we will award the difference to match the Fenwick award.

Key Financial Aid Dates

February 2, 2018: FACTS application and tax returns due
February 20, 2018: Incoming Freshman - Notification of Financial Aid Award via email
March 31, 2018: Sophomores & Seniors: Notification of Financial Aid Award via email (you will be notified on February 20, 2018, if you have an incoming freshman)
April 6, 2018: Deadline for Appeal*


Please note that financial aid funds are limited and demand is high. Applications submitted after the deadline, may result in funds not being available for your family. It is critical that your application and required tax returns are submitted by the February 2, 2018 deadline. If you need more information or assistance, please contact Ms. Sharon Bolden at

*Appeal Process:

  • Submit a letter of appeal to the Lawless Financial Aid Committee at
  • State the financial reason for your appeal
  • Submit a detailed monthly household budget
  • Submit any financial documentation to support your budget, including pay stubs

FACTS Application (Opens Dec. 1, 2017)