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Honors & AP Courses

Honors and AP Course Requirements by Department


English (Mr. Schoeph) – All Honors & AP requests require a teacher recommendation to be completed. AP Literature & Composition requires the writing of an essay as specified by the department.

Fine Arts (Ms. Capito) – Approval from the instructor are required for all studio art and AP Classes. An audition and approval of the instructor are needed for Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Band and Concert Choir. 

World Languages (Ms. Carraher) – All Honors & AP placements will be determined by the department.

Mathematics (Mr. Finnell) – All Honors & AP placement will be determined by the department chair. A placement exam is required for AP Computer Science A.

Science (Mr. McKinley) – All Honors & AP classes require department approval. Qualifying exams and enrollment in Honors Math are also required for Chemistry Honors, Advanced Honors Chemistry, and Physics Honors.

Social Sciences (Mr. Holmberg) –Overall grade point average determines eligibility for Honors and AP Social Science courses.

For a complete class list and course requirements across all departments, see the Course Selection Guide.