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Friar Mentors


Mrs. Maria Nowicki,, ext. 238
Mr. Kyle Kmiecik,, ext. 118
Mrs. Samantha Carraher,, ext. 210


Friar Mentors is a peer mentoring program in which students who are experienced in a particular subject offer support and guidance to students needing academic assistance. Friar Mentors is located in Room 35.

Becoming a Mentor

All Friar Mentors must fill out the sign up form that requires a teacher's signature. All mentors will need a teacher's signature for each subject they tutor. 
Friar Mentors Sign Up Form


  • Where and when does the tutoring take place?

    All sessions are held in Room 35 at these times:
    7:25–7:55 a.m. Monday through Friday (many tutors available)
    2:25–2:55 p.m. Monday through Thursday (many tutors available)
    Study Hall Periods – TBA


  • How will I know when a particular subject's tutoring is available?

    It is our goal to have Spanish I, English I and Algebra I available at each tutoring slot. There is a schedule posted on the Friar Mentors bulletin board outside Room 35 stating when tutoring is available in that particular subject. You can also find a Master Schedule in the Reference area of the library.

  • Do I need an appointment to be helped by a Friar Mentor?

     In order to guarantee a mentor for a particular subject, it is recommended that students sign up for a time slot outside Room 35. 

  • Will my teacher know I am attending?

    Yes, teachers will receive a list of students who have been attending about every two weeks.

  • Will I have the same Mentor each time I come in?

    Mentors volunteer for one particular session, so that mentor will be there at that particular time each week.

  • How often should I come for tutoring help?

    The general recommendation is a minimum of two sessions per week.  Many students also come in prior to quizzes and tests. Consistency is the key!