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Friar Mentors


Mrs. Samantha Carraher,, ext. 210
Mr. Kyle Kmiecik,, ext. 118
Ms. Diane Sabbia,, ext. 262

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Friar Mentors is a peer-to- peer mentoring program through which students receive academic assistance, support and guidance from fellow students who possess knowledge and experience in a variety of subject areas.

Becoming a Mentor

Anyone interested in becoming a Friar Mentor must complete a sign-up form and get written authorization from a teacher for every subject in which they want to tutor. So, for example, a student who is interested in tutoring in math and science will need to fill out a form and get a teacher’s signature for each subject. If you are interested in signing up, please contact either Mrs. Carraher, Mr. Kmiecik, or Ms. Sabbia
  • Where and when does the tutoring take place?
    Friar Mentor tutoring sessions are offered Monday through Friday at the following times and locations:
    • 7:30 a.m. in room 24
    • During 4th period lunch in Room 23
    • During 6th period lunch in Room 14
    • During 8th period lunch in Room 24
  • How will I know when a particular subject's tutoring is available?

    There will be a schedule posted on the Friar Mentors bulletin board outside Room 24 that will include information about the subjects that will be available during each tutoring session. There will also be a master schedule posted in the reference area in the library. While the availability of tutoring in certain subjects will vary, having mentors on hand during every session to help with Spanish I, English I and Algebra I will be one of our goals.

  • Do I need an appointment to be helped by a Friar Mentor?

    We strongly encourage students to schedule an appointment through the Friar Mentor Coordinators (Mrs. Carraher/Ms. Sabbia) to help ensure that we will have the necessary tutors and supports in place for each session.

  • Will my teacher know I am attending?

    All teachers have access to an attendance list they can use to confirm that you participated in a tutoring session with a Friar Mentor.

  • Will I have the same Mentor each time I come in?

    Since people’s schedules will vary, we cannot guarantee that you will have access to the same mentor throughout the school year.

  • How often should I come for tutoring help?

    We recommend that students in need of assistance attend a minimum of two sessions per week. We also encourage students to come in for help prior to quizzes and tests. We have found that students who work with a Friar Mentor on a consistent basis and come to each session organized and prepared, get the most out of the program.