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Friar Mentors


Mrs. Samantha Carraher,, ext. 210
Mr. Kyle Kmiecik,, ext. 118
Ms. Diane Sabbia,, ext. 262

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Friar Mentors is a peer-to- peer mentoring program through which students receive academic assistance, support and guidance from fellow students who possess knowledge and experience in a variety of subject areas.

Becoming a Mentor

Anyone interested in becoming a Friar Mentor must complete a sign-up form and get written authorization from a teacher for every subject in which they want to tutor. So, for example, a student who is interested in tutoring in math and science will need to fill out a form and get a teacher’s signature for each subject. If you are interested in signing up, please contact either Mrs. Carraher, Mr. Kmiecik, or Ms. Sabbia