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Why Fenwick Post-Prom Actually Is Not Lame

June 22, 2018

An outgoing senior reflects back on why he had such a great time at the Friars’ school-sponsored Post-Prom Party.


Candy galore and an ice cream stand: the ideal post-prom snack/dessert combo.

By Nick Bohlsen

Fenwick Senior Prom season is always filled with a lot of activity. The ladies get into a group chat to ensure that no one else has their dress; the gentlemen get the same rental tuxedo from Men’s Warehouse and determine where they and their dates are going to sit for dinner. This process also comes with a question that many seniors ask themselves: “Is it really worth it to go to post-prom?”

I can understand why some students may think that it is lame or that there are much better things that you can do after prom, but I believe the post-prom is something that you should experience as a Fenwick Senior. Last month’s post-prom was set around a Casino Night theme. The Mothers and Fathers’ Clubs set up the first-floor Link as a casino. There were blackjack, roulette and poker tables all over the Link. There also was an ice-cream stand and all the candy that you could eat as well.


Wanna-be gamblers huddled around a Las Vegas-style roulette table.

The Fieldhouse Gym sported inflatable laser-tag, hamster-ball races, pool tables, bag games, an obstacle course and jousting. The Lawless Gym was set up as a small cafeteria – with Alpine sub sandwiches, chips, drinks etc., along with all the raffle prizes that were up for grabs that night. Some of the prizes included 4K TVs, Apple Watches, 4-day Lollapalooza passes, 4-day Country Thunder passes and many more. As we won at the tables or on the inflatables, we would win raffle tickets. The gambling tables were “no risk gambling,” which means that you did not have to bet any of your tickets away to win more.

The night closed with the raffle drawing -- and the feeling that this is one of the last times that our senior class will be together. The best advice that I can give to the future senior classes is to try to go to as many events as you can, including the post-prom. It is one of the memories that you will carry with you from your Fenwick experience. To the Class of 2019 and future Fenwick classes, I say cherish every moment of your senior year, because once you walk out with your diploma, it’s over. It may feel slow at the beginning of the year but, in a flash, you will be at the last week of classes wishing that it wasn’t ending.

Watch Mr. Kotty Roll

About the Author: Recent Fenwick graduate Nick Bohlsen, from Oak Park, will attend DePaul University this coming school year. He hopes to major in cyber security.

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