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The Myth of "Science vs. Religion"


University of Delaware physics and astronomy professor Stephen Barr, PhD., visited Fenwick recently as part of a science-religion initiative sponsored by the University of Notre Dame's McGrath Institute for Church Life.

A recent Pew Research Center national poll revealed that a majority of Americans believe that science and religion are “mostly in conflict” with each other. In light of this, people may be surprised to learn that the theorist behind the Big Bang Theory (Georges Lemaître), the founder of genetics (Gregor Mendel), the father of modern geology (Niels Stensen) and the discoverer of sunspots (Christoph Scheiner) were all Catholic priests.

It’s as if the 17th century Galileo affair is taken as the norm for understanding the relationship between science and religion — when, according to Dr. Stephen Barr, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Delaware, the Catholic Church has been one of the greatest patrons of the sciences. Dr. Barr visited Fenwick on September 14th.

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