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The Anne Smedinghoff Memorial Lecture on Government Service


The Anne Smedinghoff Memorial Lecture on Government Service

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
7:30 p.m.
John Gearen Library
Fenwick High School

Open to All

Keynote Speaker: Kevin Kysiak '04

Kevin Kysiak currently works as a strategic advisor to a variety of manufacturing companies, focusing his efforts on growth strategies that enable the businesses he serves to expand and innovate.

Prior to his current role, Kevin served in a variety of capacities as a Navy SEAL, deploying several times in support of combat operations in Afghanistan and Africa. 

In support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Kevin deployed in a direct combat role, securing local villages, advising Afghani forces, supporting NATO partners, and enabling local governments with the infrastructure required to sustain their economy and security.

Kevin has also deployed to Africa in support of diplomatic missions across the continent. He supported local defense forces, engaged with local leaders to understand and advise on threats in the region, and facilitated the safety and success of State Department officials abroad.

Kevin is a 2004 graduate of Fenwick High School, has an undergraduate degree in computer science from the United States Naval Academy, and an MBA from Columbia University. He lives in Chicago with his wife Katie (also a Fenwick graduate), and son George (a future Fenwick graduate).

Title: "Ten years seems like a long time; thoughts on a decision to serve."

Kevin plans to discuss tonight his early career in public service, how his time at Fenwick impacted his decision to serve, and offer some reflection on service, sacrifice, and the future.  

Remembering Anne Smedinghoff

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