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Take a Peek at an eLearning Module

May 29, 2020

Tracey Gau, PhD., shares an eLearning module she used for seniors in English IV Honors.


“Building on the foundational work in blended learning in which I engaged at the University of North Texas, I created an eLearning module for a text on the ENGL IV Honors syllabus: Aphra Behn's Oroonoko (1688),” notes Dr. Gau. “It is a short novel (under 100 pages) written by the first black female novelist in 1688. It is part memoir -- a personal, eyewitness account; part travel narrative --from Africa, across the middle passage, to the colony world; and part biography -- of a hero in the classic epic style. It has something to offer everyone.

“The module I created capitalizes on some eLearning tools, such as short video clips and online reading/vocabulary quizzes, that enable students to master lower-level learning objectives first before beginning to dialog with others. I've found that building students' competence on the basics of a text builds their confidence as they approach higher-level learning activities,” she explains. "The components of the module, I believe, can be adapted to face-to-face learning (or a blend of eLearning and face to face) as well as to a variety of teaching and learning styles. In other words, teachers can adopt the entire module, select parts of it "buffet style" and/or appropriate pieces to gear toward the appropriate grade-level instruction (9-12). 


Dr. Gau

Outline of basic components:

  1. ​​Intro Google Slide Presentation on Restoration Period and Aphra Beh
  2. Classroom on Demand Video on Aphra Behn by Virginia Woolf
  3. Edpuzzle video exercise "The Middle Passage"
  4. Opening reading and annotating assignment
  5. Discussion Post on Schoology based on reading annotations
  6. Two Online Quizzes over intro material, vocabulary, and reading
  7. Reading Composition writing assignment
  8. Edpuzzle video: "What's an Annotated Bibliography?"
  9. Annotated Bibliography assignment
  10. Research Report (2-3 pages)


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