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Parent Annual Giving


Make the commitment to provide your Fenwick student with the tradition of excellence.

Since 1929, Fenwick has provided a high school experience that is unparalleled by its peers. It is the alma mater of Rhodes Scholars, Pulitzer Prize winners, Fortune 500 CEOs and many others making a positive impact locally, nationally and on the world stage. This level of excellence comes at a price and would not be possible without the generosity of current parents like you, and your philanthropic support of the Parent Annual Giving Program (PAG).

To keep tuition affordable, there is a gap of $3,500 per student that must be filled by philanthropy. PAG helps ensure that Fenwick can continue to attract and retain the best faculty, coaches and counselors to work with your child(ren).

While your child is enrolled at Fenwick, we ask for your annual support.

The Impact Of Your Gift


  • Attract and retain the best teachers.
  • Fund new and enhanced programs and technology.
  • Fill classrooms with modern educational tools including new textbooks, computers and tablets.

Arts & Activities

  • Continue the promotion and development of nationally recognized programs such as Fenwick's annual literary magazine, Touchstone and the TEAMS and WYSE competitions.
  • Offer a broad range of clubs, events and activities to engage and inspire Fenwick’s diverse student body.


  • Have the highest quality of safety equipment and facilities.
  • Enhance playing fields, the pool and gymnasiums.

Capital Improvements

  • Fund necessary technological improvements.
  • Update the school's facilities as necessary to meet the evolving educational requirements of the
  • student body.
  • Ongoing remodeling and renovation of our historic 505 Washington Boulevard building.


Make a Gift


  • What is Parent Annual Giving?

    It is a tax deductible donation made to Fenwick, in addition to tuition and fees, asked of all Fenwick parents each year to help cover the annual difference between the cost to educate each student and the charged tuition.

  • Why does the school ask current parents to help make up this difference?

    We ask current parents to be primarily responsible for the costs of annual operating expenses since their children are the primary beneficiaries of all the school’s programs. We also recognize and celebrate the socioeconomic diversity of the Fenwick community and, as a result, we make an effort to keep tuition affordable for as many families as possible.

  • What exactly does Fenwick expect from parents in the program?

    We ask that all current families consider a gift to Fenwick so that 100% of our families will participate in the PAG program at a level commensurate with each family’s ability.

  • How do I make a gift to Fenwick?

    It’s easy to make a gift to Fenwick. We accept cash, checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) as well as gifts of stock.

  • Do matching gifts count?

    Yes! Because the PAG is not an official pledge, we gratefully accept matching gifts from your generous employers. Click here to earn more about Matching Gift opportunities.

  • Can I designate my gift to an area of the school that is important to my family?

    Unrestricted annual gifts provide the greatest benefit to the most students and the greatest flexibility to Fenwick, but yes, within certain parameters parent annual gifts may be directed to some specific needs in the school.

  • Who can I talk to if I have more questions about the Parent Annual Giving program?

    If you have general questions about the program, or if you have questions about making the actual gift (stock transfer questions, credit card questions, etc.), you can contact Cindy Day Erwin, Director of Annual Giving at

    Please support Parent Annual Giving today!