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Class Giving/Named Funds

Endowed Funds

These Funds were established to provide tuition assistance to Fenwick students or professional development opportunities for Fenwick faculty in perpetuity. These Funds are invested as part of the Fenwick endowment and pay a board-approved percentage of the Fund balance annually in agreement with the criteria established by the donor (please see the Endowment Donor Statement for further detail). Anyone at any time may make additional contributions to these Funds as many of the original donors, their families and friends have done. Fenwick is very grateful for the foresight of the donors who established these endowed Funds. Named endowed funds require a minimum commitment from one or more donors of $100,000 to be paid in no more than five years. These funds do not start making distributions until fully funded at $100,000 or more.

Lois and Edward Brennan Scholarship 

Carol & Ron Calabrese Scholarship

Fenwick Fathers' Club Endowed Tuition Continuation Fund

Franklin d. Capitanini '50  Endowed Scholarship Fund

Fuscone Family Scholarship

John J. Gearen, Sr. '32 Memorial Scholarship

Thomas & Judy Herbstritt Scholarship

Lawrence & Dorothy Holmes Scholarship

George M. & Adelaide M. Keller Scholarship 

Krol Family Scholarship

Maragret and A.G Lafley Scholarship

Harold McKee, Jr. Scholarship Ryan Family Scholarship

Kenneth Sitzberger Scholarship

Patrick Smith Scholarship

Claire and Albert J Speh, Jr Scholarship

Robert J and Joan E Rooney Scholarship

William Hamilton '46 Endowed Scholarship

Heritage Scholarship

Helen C. Oakey Scholarship

Dr. James Watts '51 Scholarship

Wicklander Family Scholarship

Jay Tonne ’58 and George Korzeniewski ’58 Scholarship Fund

The Frank Trankina '52 Endowed Scholarship

Dennis Sullivan '56 Endowed Baseball Fund

Class of '58 Endowed scholarship Fund


The Daniel G. Watts '77 and Maureen O'Brien Endowed Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Stephen "Kay" Victor Endowed Scholarship Fund 

Class of '60 endowed scholarship fund

Class of '62 Endowed Scholarship Fund

'68 Class of Champions Endowed Scholarship fund


Faculty Professional Development

Wendt Family Endowment Fund

Wicklander Family Faculty Development Fund


Expendable Funds

These expendable Funds were established to provide immediate assistance and are intended to be fully spent over time. In some cases, annual fundraising efforts are undertaken to “replenish” these Funds on an on-going basis and in some cases the donor(s) who established the Fund(s) makes annual gifts to maintain the Fund(s). These Funds are not endowed and not necessarily expected to remain in perpetuity. Anyone can make a gift to any of these Funds to ensure that their purpose remains in place. Fenwick is extremely grateful to the donor(s) who established these Funds and those who regularly contribute to these Funds for their generous support of Fenwick. A minimum commitment of $50,000 is required to name an expendable fund. 

Del Percio/Gassman Scholarship

Paul Raffaelli Scholarship

Anne Smedinghoff Memorial Scholarship

Spignola Family Scholarship

John Crowder Scholarship Fund

John Malone "JM52" Scholarship

Richard Honquest '52 Scholarship Fund 

Don Heldmann Memorial Fund

Class of '52 Scholarship

Pat and Linda O'Brien Scholarship

George E. Tapling '73 Memorial Scholarship

Ritchie Family Scholarship

Ida May Muller Scholarship 

Sr. Marion Cypser Scholarship Fund



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