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Hello Parents,

The Dean’s Office strives to keep our environment healthy for the development of our students. We establish high expectations for our students in regards to the academic, social and emotional development. As we all know, technology continually changes our world and finds its way into every aspect of our lives. Occasionally, what is meant for a good purpose is placed in the hands of individuals that sometimes do not make the correct or appropriate choices in using that technological tool. This is sometimes the case with the use of apps on cell phones and other computing devices. Here at Fenwick, we strive to teach our students the appropriate use of these tools in education and in their personal lives. Sometimes we look to our parents to assist with teaching our students these important lessons. Though most student uses social media appropriately, there are some students that are not. Therefore we are asking your assistance in proactively addressing these situations. Please read the suggestions below and consider following the links for mobile and online monitoring tools to monitor your student’s online activities. There are hundreds of these tools available for parents to use. The links below are just to assist you in understanding how this content could work for you as a parent.

What Parents can Do to Monitor Social Apps

  1. Prevent your under-17-year-old from downloading apps rated 17+. If they have an iOS device: Go to "Settings," select "General" and tap "Enable Restrictions." You can set restrictions for "Installing Apps" and "In-App Purchases."
  2. Since kids are really good at getting around #1 (above), a better solution is to talk to your kids, set rules, and then get familiar or cyber-wise about what they're up to online so you can see if your rules are being followed. If you need a little help with this (especially with younger kids) you might consider installing software, like SpectorSoft, that records and replays all of your child's Internet activity and provides a detailed report.

Here are some other helpful links to assist with monitoring your student’s mobile and web activity.

These are a few of the many types of monitoring software available for parents to monitor their student’s activity. Let’s work together to keep our student’s safe!