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Spoken Word & Poetry Club



The Poetry Club is a group of students who are all excited about the art of poetry!  Primarily, we want to achieve self-expression and enhance our literacy through the writing and performance of poetry.

What We Do

- Read poetry

- Study and enjoy videos of performance/ spoken-word poetry

- Write our own poetry

- Perform our poems for each other and for larger audiences whenever we can

Through this work, we share our lives with one another. Because of this, we have a basic ground-rule that guides our time together: no 'isms. (no racism, sexism, etc.) We are a community founded on the principle of mutual respect. We don't always agree with one another, but we are open to seeing the world through another's eyes. We recognize that each one of us has a unique and valuable set of life experiences that inform the way we see the world. The underlying philosophy allows students to be true to themselves while we geek-out over poetry.


One of the highlights of the club is our participation in “Louder Than A Bomb”, a city-wide poetry slam. In this competition, students come from across the city to share their stories through their poetry. While the event is competitive, there is also a tremendous sense of camaraderie. Each poet knows that it takes endless hours of revision and practice, and-- most importantly--guts to get on stage and share your words with the world. Students always snap, cheer, and applaud whenever they hear something they love--even if it is a competitor. Every poet who participates recognizes and celebrates the inherent skill of the other poets. A few years ago they created a documentary about the competition.

Click here to watch the trailer for the documentary and find out more about it

We've also hosted an annual Open Mic in Fenwick's auditorium for the past two years. It is a way for us to share poetry with the wider Fenwick community. Last year we had nearly 35 poets share their work on stage!


Our club meets about once every two weeks during the fall and spring, and once per week in the winter as we prepare for LTAB competition, as well as the “Louder Than a Bomb” poetry slam and the Open Mic.