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Robotics Club


Students design and build their robots from the ground up and must program the robots for the autonomous part of the competition as well as user controlled portion. Students learn the fundamentals of engineering design and computer programming. Students work in groups based on age and experience. Competitions are fast, furious, and very exciting. It is a great way to get a start in engineering design.


Highlights to be posted.


Fenwick Robotics Club participates each year in the VEX Robotics competitions. VEX Robotics is an international robotics corporation and holds contests at the local, state, national and international levels. Each year there is a new “game” for that year that the students must build and program their robots to compete in. Competitions are held in a 12’ by 12’ arena against other robotic teams.


Don  Nelson

Mr. Don Nelson

Robotics Club Moderator

ext. 298