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Math Competition Club


Mr. Roger Finnell,, ext. 217


The Math Competition Club is one of Fenwick’s most winning academic organizations in school history. The contests give students extra practice for SAT/ACT exams with league contests giving students a chance to try more challenging problems, preparing them to represent Fenwick in outside math competitions.

Over 300 students each year earn club points through results from club contests, participation in National Freshman Algebra League, Illinois Math League and Atlantic-Pacific Math League contests each year, as well as the American Mathematics Competitions, the Chicago Archdiocese Math Contest and the Illinois State Math Contest Regionals and State Finals. Fenwick also sponsors a Junior High School Math Contest for over 300 students.


Fenwick has qualified its entire 30-member team for the State finals for 23 straight years and finished in the top 10 in its division for the last 17 years. In 2016, Fenwick was the highest scoring Catholic school in its division (1000–2000 students).

2015–2016 School Year:

  • 1st place in the Chicago Archdiocese Math Contest
  • 1st place in the Regional State Math Contest
  • 6th place in its division in the State Finals in Champaign
  • 1st place State Contest Championship — Junior-Senior Relay Team of Katie Zawacki ’16, Chris Heneghan ’16, Ryan Castellano ’17 and Jeremy Winkiel ’17
  • Regional Champions in the National Freshman Algebra League with Spencer Gallagher ’19 finishing as the top individual scorer in our division
  • 2nd place in the Atlantic-Pacific Math League, Midwest Division with Garrett Mulcahy ’17 having a perfect score on all six league contests


  • Club Competitions
  • Chicago Archdiocese Math Contest
  • American Mathematics Competitions AMC-12 and AMC-10
  • State Math Contest Regionals and Finals
  • Illinois Math League — six 30-minute contests
  • Atlantic-Pacific Math League — six 30-minute contests
  • National Freshman Algebra League — five 30-minute contests
  • Junior High School Math Contest — November 15, 2016