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Latin Club



The Latin Club seeks to bring together students studying Latin at Fenwick High School for the purpose of pursuing activities outside the classroom setting that promote, encourage and otherwise support all things Roman, especially those of the 1st centuries BCE and CE.


Enjoy the camaraderie of other students who have more than a mere passing interest in Roman language and culture

A credit to list on college applications proving well-roundedness

The opportunity to grow a deeper appreciation of the language learned by all educated people since universities were begun in the late middle ages.


  • Sponsored trips to local institutions that highlight certain facets of the art, history and daily lifestyle of the Roman people, the opportunity to travel to Italy in order to experience firsthand the treasures that have their beginnings in the longest surviving civilization in the history of the world.
  • Official Latin Club t-shirt design competition—t-shirt is worn on Foreign Language Appreciation Day.
  • The club has also, in different years, participated in Toga Bowling nights with Latin Clubs from other schools.