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Environmental Club



The goals of the Environmental Club are to increase awareness of environmental issues among faculty, staff, administration and students; assist faculty, staff, administration and students to become better stewards of the environment; make Fenwick a model high school for environmental education and environmentally sustainable practices.

Everyone in the Fenwick community (students, teachers, administrators, alumni and parents) is invited to be a part of the Environmental Club.


The Environmental Club initiated a school-wide recycling program and placed bins in every classroom, meeting room and office, installed solar panels on the school roof, organized a school-wide assembly and year-long activities centered on climate change education, and have initiated plans to install a wind turbine on the school.


The club meets between two to four times per month depending on the time of year. Most meetings center around the season’s activities, projects and future endeavors. These may include anything from a trip to a local environmental workshop or lecture series, planning for a fund-raising activity or raising awareness of sustainability issues in the school or community.



Ms. Liz Timmons

Environmental Club Moderator

ext. 285