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Community Outreach (Key Club)



The Key Club is community service-based club that works to build leadership skills and foster the importance of giving back in high school students. This Fenwick club is a part of the larger, world-wide service organization, the Key Club. Along with a group of compassionate, like-minded peers, students participate in local service activities such as volunteering at a food pantry and also connecting with Key Clubbers from the rest of the Chicagoland area, and beyond!


The Key Club organizes service events that allow high schoolers to learn how and become involved in volunteering. The club also connects members from not only this school, but around the world. It also allows students to develop leadership skills by running for offices and helping organize events.


  • Oak Park-River Forest Food Pantry
  • Bake Sale Fundraisers
  • “Glass Slipper” Prom Dress collection