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Black Student Union


Mission Statement

Fenwick High School’s Black Student Union, BSU, is organized exclusively to create more diverse activities for the student body, raise cultural awareness, education and a new level of consciousness about being Black in today’s society. BSU is committed to intellectual, cultural, social and ethnic diversity.

Vision Statement

The vision of BSU is to provide Black students with peer support during their high school years at Fenwick High School; encourage Black students to pursue their goals of college enrollment at the universities they want to attend, foster a mentoring program for students entering as freshmen, maximize the participation of Black Student Union in the Fenwick Community and at Fenwick sponsored events, and provide youth outreach and increase recruitment efforts to predominantly Black middle schools and grade schools and neighborhoods surrounding Fenwick High School.

What We Do

Fenwick’s High School’s BSU inclusively works to bring cultural awareness and positive racial relations by promoting a mutual respect for all cultures. BSU will provide panel discussions, guest speakers, and community service opportunities. BSU is open to all students, regardless of racial or cultural differences. BSU welcomes diversity as it provides a table for rich discussion, understanding and acceptance.

BSU is student governed with faculty supervision and sponsorship. An annual membership of $25.00 is collected to provide an operational budget used to support the activities of the club. New members are welcome at any time throughout the school year.


Field Trips

Black History Month

Service Project

College and university visitors

Middle school mentoring

Awareness programs during Black History Month


President: Brandon Wilson, 2020

Vice President: Vaughn Bledsoe, 2021

Secretary: Shanell Pigram, 2020

Events Chair: Michaela Bailey, 2020




Ms. Stephanie Harris

BSU Club Moderator

ext. 347



Mr. Raymond Moland

BSU Club Moderator

ext. 309