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Best Buddies



Best Buddies empowers youth to become advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by organizing and attending special events that promote advocacy and bring awareness to the disability rights movement.

Best Buddies at Fenwick is part of the Illinois High Schools Best Buddies Promoters Program. We are committed to raising awareness, advocating for individuals with special needs and striving to positively influence our families, friends, and communities through our words and actions.

Becoming a Best Buddy

In order to join the club, there are a few things that must take place. The first step is to fill out a Membership Application for Best Buddies High Schools. Once you have successfully registered on that site, you have to go to our Schoology Group Page and request to join. Both your Membership Application and your request to join our Schoology Group should be accepted within three days of submission. Once you have filled out an application and have also requested to join the Schoology group, you must Join our Remind Group to be kept up to date. Although it is not required, it is recommended that you Subscribe to our Calendar as well to have your computer, tablet, and/or smartphone automatically update your calendar to match ours.


  • Participating in Disability Awareness Week at Fenwick as well as the Best Buddies Friendship Walk at Brookfield Zoo.
  • Students working together to positively influence our community, friends, families, and school to promote social justice.
  • Coordinate events with PAEC, Opportunity Knocks, and Misericordia.