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Traditionally, Fenwick High School does not comment on personnel matters.  However, circumstances involving the termination of head football coach Gene Nudo’s tenure call for some clarity.

Fenwick has strict protocols in place that must be followed before anyone can serve as a coach or volunteer coach.  These protocols require that any employee, teacher, coach or volunteer, who is involved with students in any capacity must undergo a background check and participate in Virtus training, among other things.  Earlier this week, Fenwick received information that in 2016 Coach Nudo allowed someone whom he had coached with in the past to attend a couple of football practices and to assist Coach Nudo on the sidelines during some games at the end of the season.  When this was confirmed by the school and was brought to Coach Nudo’s attention he acknowledged that he did not alert Fenwick that he was doing this and did not follow Fenwick’s important policies and procedures.  At that time, Coach Nudo agreed to step down immediately.

Fenwick has no evidence of any wrongdoing by the person Coach Nudo brought in while he was at Fenwick nor any evidence of any other violation of Fenwick’s rules by Coach Nudo.

Fenwick thanks Coach Nudo for his years of service and many contributions to the school.  Both Fenwick and Coach Nudo have the utmost confidence in the assistant football coaches to lead the team going forward.

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