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State of the Art Catholic Band Competition


Congratulations to the Fenwick Concert Band and Fenwick Wind Ensemble for their outstanding performances at the State of the Art Catholic band competition on Saturday! This annual competition includes bands from Chicagoland Catholic high schools. The Fenwick Concert Band competed at the class A level, earning the distinction of “Best Percussion” and 3rd place in their class.

The Fenwick Wind Ensemble competed at the class AA level, earning the distinction of “Best Woodwinds” for the third year in a row, and earned 1st place in their class.

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Wind Ensemble, top (from left): Joshua Richards (soph), Teddy Hernandez (soph), Nick Jakaitis (senior), Nolan Hernandez (junior), Jack Lyons (senior), Joe Daley (senior), Bobby Rowe (senior), Louis Quigley (junior), Richard Menendez (senior)

Middle (L to R): Mary Hennelly (freshman), Frayne Lewis (senior), Massimo Flight (senior), Maria Frech (soph), Kevin Jimenez (soph), Erinn Frank (soph), Charles Guerrero (senior), Kendel Horton (senior), Emmett Husmann (junior), Cassidy Winston (junior)

Bottom (L to R): Hanna Batllo (senior), Mary Jacobs (freshman), Amelia Marconi (senior), Nicole Dawson (soph), Mr. Thompson, Charlene Guerrero (soph), Ashley Williams (soph), Delaney Seligmann (freshman), Lorena Nava (junior)

"Both bands gave beautiful performances," reports Director Mr. Andrew Thompson, "and all of the band students represented our community in the best ways possible. Way to go, bands!

"To my knowledge, this is the first time that Fenwick has earned first place in any division at State of the Art on its own," Mr. Thompson adds. "In the early 1990s, we earned first place in division AA three times when we were combined with the Nazareth Band." 



Concert Band, top (from left): Jessica Rodriguez (freshman), Jordan Liebig (freshman), David Capron (freshman), Emma Segura (freshman), Joshua Richards (soph), Ethan Bielowicz (junior), Campbell Guillen (freshman), Adam Samuelson (freshman), Meredith Callahan (freshman), Max Daley (soph), Miles Guillen (senior), Matt Hickey (freshman), Katie Keegan (freshman), Makenna Spearman (freshman)

Middle (L to R): Megan Blum, Teddy Oberlies (soph), Cassidy Winston (junior), Leo Vindell (freshman), Mary Hennelly (freshman) Bottom (L to R): Lorente Blakeney (senior), Ciara Herbert (soph), Lorenzano Blakeney (senior), Sarah Lowrey (freshman), Megan Pastores (freshman), Melanie Brew (freshman), Ms. Capito, Evan Auriemma (freshman), Ashley Williams (soph), Charlene Guerrero (soph), Vinny Micucci (soph), Imogen O’Reilly (soph), Will Dunleavy (senior)

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