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  • Why did I not get the Entrance exam results in the packet? Can I get the results?

    Unless we have parental permission, we will not release scores. If you would like a copy of your student’s exam scores you may contact Fenwick by fax or email, please do not call for this request. In addition, when faxing or emailing a request authorizing Fenwick to release your student’s exam results, please indicate where you would like the results sent. Our fax number is 708-386-4323 or email Mrs. Cathy Kaszuba at

  • How do I apply for financial aid?

    An application must be completed online. Fenwick uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, an independent, outside provider to collect and analyze family financial data. The FACTS application process begins here.

  • What if I have questions regarding tuition payments and payment plan options?

    You may contact Ms. Sharon Bolden, Accounts Receivable, at

  • When will I know my student’s schedule?

    Your student’s schedule will arrive in a summer mailing—by the end of July. If you have any questions, you may contact Student Services at (708) 948-0341.

  • Why did my student not get an honors class?

    Fenwick’s curriculum is very unique and designed to challenge all of our students. Every freshman in the college prep sequence will be taking six academic courses. For students who have been offered honors courses in their freshman year, he or she scored in the 90th percentile or higher in the various basic skills on the entrance exam. For example, Honors English and Honors World History are determined by percentile scores in Reading, Language/Grammar, and Verbal scores on the entrance exam. If your student has a 90% average, he or she will automatically be offered the honors course.

  • If my student did not get an honors course, does that mean that he/she will never be eligible for an honors level course?

    No, in fact the curriculum is designed to offer courses that will challenge each student and his or her individual ability as they progress through high school. Typically, to move into an honors level course, the student will need to maintain an A average in that course throughout his/her freshman year and have an instructor recommendation. Check the Course Selection Guide for individual course prerequisites for moving into honors level courses at the sophomore level and beyond. Also, have your student discuss their intent with his or her counselor during their freshman year.

  • If my student did not get honors Biology, how does that affect his or her science curriculum?

    College Prep Biology, Biology Honors and Advanced Placement Biology classes are offered to a select group of freshmen that qualify. Families should have been notified in the acceptance letter if your child qualified for one of these courses. If a student did not qualify for any of the Biology sections for his/her freshman year, he/she will still complete the three years of science with the remaining three years at Fenwick. However, if he or she desires a fourth year of science, the student may enroll in a summer school science course at Fenwick. Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science are all offered each summer.

  • How do I know which art class to choose? Band, Choir, String Orchestra, Survey of Fine Arts or Survey of Studio Art class?

    If your student has sung in a choir, played an instrument, or created artwork prior to enrolling at Fenwick, or has the interest to do so, we encourage he or her to enroll in the band, choir or art.

  • What is the language requirement and what is the level II placement test about?

    There is a four-year language requirement at Fenwick and we offer French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish. After his or her sophomore year, if the student does not have a B average or higher, he or she will be asked to choose an alternate language. If your child has been taking a foreign language at his or her grammar school, we encourage you to have your child sit for the Foreign Language placement exam, which is offered on two dates for convenience: Wednesday, Apr. 18 and Tuesday, Apr. 24 starting at 2:30 p.m. Students should arrive a Fenwick between 2:30 and 3:30 in Room 24. To enroll for the exam, or if you have any questions, you may contact Mr. Alan Howell (

  • Why would my student want to take the math placement exam in May?

    If your student did not qualify for Honors Math based on data from the entrance exam and you think he/she may qualify after completing more of their 8th grade math curriculum, students can take a placement test in May. All decisions are made by our Math Department chair, Roger Finnell. With over 40 years of experience, his assessment will be the most accurate determination of the appropriate math course for your student. The Math placement exam is Monday, May 21 at 3:15 p.m. Students should arrive at Fenwick, in the student cafeteria, before 3:15. To enroll for the exam, or if you have any questions, you may contact Mr. Roger Finnell at (

  • Do I have to register my students for the conditional summer school course? Do I have to register for the Fenwick-offered enrichment courses?

    If your student has been Provisionally Accepted, you must enroll him or her in the summer school courses indicated on the acceptance letter. Registration is completed online here. Beyond that, Fenwick offers summer enrichment courses in which any student may sign up if he/she chooses to do so. Summer school registration is due by Monday, Apr. 9.

  • What do I do about summer sport camps and fall sports tryouts?

    Information on athletics and summer camps can be obtained by contacting the Athletic Department at (708) 948-0343 or (708) 948-0314. We also encourage each family to check out our Athletics section on our website. Tryouts for fall sports will most likely occur before school starts, so watch the calendar and our website for upcoming notices.

  • Will there be any future mailings?

    There will be future mailings with the school calendar, reminders of upcoming events, and schedules. Typically, there is one per summer month. If you have not received any mailings by July, please contact Student Services to confirm your mailing address.​

  • What if I have questions regarding health and medical records?

    You may contact our school nurse, Mrs. Donna Pape at (708) 948-0170. Up-to-date records are due by the start of the upcoming school year.

  • Will there be summer reading required of my freshman student?

    Yes. The list will be broken down into books for Honors and College Prep courses. Please check our website starting in mid-June for this information. Books will need to be purchased and read by the start of school in August of 2018. Assessments on the novels will occur in the first week of school.

  • What transportation will be available for my student during the school year?

    An information sheet on the Northside, Southside and Train Station bus routes will be included in the summer mailing. Fenwick offers school bus transportation from the Burlington Northern line (pick up in Riverside, drop-off in Berwyn) and the Union Pacific West line (pick up and drop off a Lake/Marian station in Oak Park). Our North Side bus route services students on the Northwest Side of Chicago, going as far north as Foster. Our South Side bus route services students on the Southwest Side of Chicago, going as far south as 63rd Street.