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New School Record: 4 Friars Selected for All-State Music Festival!

February 5, 2020

Quartet of talented musicians/vocalists represented Fenwick at ILMEA event last weekend.

By Rizelle Capito, Expressive Arts Dept. Chair


All-Staters (from left): junior Kate Turner, a soprano, and seniors Joe Zawacki, tenor; Josh Richards, French horn; and Charlene Guerrero, clarinet.

Four Fenwick music students were selected for the Illinois Music Education Association All-State Music Festival (January 30th-February 1st) -- the most in Fenwick history! All four students were selected to the top groups at All-State. 

Kate Turner '21 (soprano) and Joe Zawacki '20 (tenor) were selected to the Honors All-State Chorus; Charlene Guerrero '20 (clarinet) was selected for the Honors All-State Band; and Josh Richards '20 (French horn) again was selected for the Honors All-State Orchestra (for the second year in a row!). The students performed with other top high school musicians from the entire state of Illinois under the direction of world-class conductors/music educators. Congratulations to these students for their hard-work and dedication which has earned them this distinguished honor.

Students are selected to all state groups through a process of auditioning that starts in October. We take our finest musicians to the ILMEA District 1 auditions every October (there are 9 ILMEA districts that cover the whole state). The best students from our district (that includes a significant chunk of Chicagoland) earn a spot in the All-District groups (band, orchestra and choir). From there, an even smaller elite group is selected from each of the 9 districts in Illinois to make up the All-State groups (band, orchestra, and choir). Students selected to All-State take part in an intensive all-weekend festival that is part of IMEC. The instrumental students re-audition at the start of the festival to determine their placement. The groups meet for the first time Thursday morning, rehearse for two days, and present a huge concert for hundreds of people on Saturday afternoon.  All of the All-State groups get to work with world-class conductors/educators that lead the groups.


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