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Madison Street Road Diet Information

On Monday, August 19, a construction team will begin milling the roadway between Austin Boulevard and Lombard Avenue. Milling is a recycling and re-paving process that removes the top layer of asphalt from the street. This process must be complete before new asphalt can be poured on the roadway. The team will then work their way west on Madison Street to continue milling.


The milling will necessitate parking restrictions.  These no parking zones will be clearly signed with Date and Time the day prior.  If the weather cooperates the following will be the areas of prospective milling work, which will dictate areas of no parking.  The parking limitations will be during working hours only.


Monday:            No Parking between Austin and Harvey

Tuesday:           No Parking between Lombard and Elmwood

Wednesday:      No Parking between Elmwood and Clarence

Thursday:          No Parking between Euclid and Home

Friday:               No Parking Home to Harlem


There will be additional areas of No Parking on Thursday and Friday as the crews place the first lift of leveling binder on the east portion of the project.


As school starts back on August 21, we want to emphasize the importance of safety for all. Our team will continue to coordinate with the Village and first responders to ensure sidewalks and crossings are safe and passable and that all construction-related signage is visible for motorists and pedestrians. 


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