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Illinois State Champions!


Team Fenwick is the Illinois State Champion in the Academic Challenge (formerly WYSE).

Achieving success in anything is a significant and substantial accomplishment. However, the ultimate accomplishment comes when you are challenged by the best in difficult times and rise undiminished with similarly focused and minded teammates. 

Teams that achieve this accomplishment are called...Champions.

That is what our Friars are! We were informed on June 3rd by the Academic Challenge (formerly WYSE) administrative team that, Fenwick is the Illinois State Champion. Twenty schools qualified at the ten sectional sites and competed in the state competition. We finished 1st. In addition, Team Fenwick bested last year's state champion from Missouri to win the overall Academic Challenge 1st Place trophy. 

We won't be able to watch you hoist the trophy on the auditorium stage and present it to Fr. Peddicord and Principal Groom in front of your classmates while they chant "Day Off-Day Off," but we will always cherish your wild intelligence, teamwork, drive, humor and awkward competition dress themes. Congrats on your success. Many more successes to come for you and Fenwick! 

Individual medal winners follow. 

Biology: Katy Nairn - 2nd place.
Chemistry: Finley Huggins - 4th place.
Computer Science: Julian Maldonado - 2nd place.
Computer Science: Joe Sedlacek - 3rd place.
Computer Science: Sebastian Torres - 3rd place.
English: Katy Nairn - 5th place.
Math: Daniel Castellano - 1st place.
Math: Nate Crowell - 1st place.
Math: Finley Huggins - 2nd place.
Physics: Joseph Zawacki - 4th place.
Physics: Conor Kotwasinski - 5th place.
Physics: Jacob Arquette - 5th place.

A special thanks go out to the teachers and coaches. 

Amy Christophell
Mike Trankina
John Schoeph

Team Fenwick rewarded their early morning devotion in a way that makes them so proud!​

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