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Friars Sweep Academic Challenge/WYSE Sectional!

March 15, 2019

The next stop for Fenwick is downstate on April 24.


Fenwick has swept the medal stand at the Academic Challenge (formerly WYSE) sectional event and picked up the team first-place trophy. The team heads down state on April 24th to compete among best high school STEM programs in Illinois.

Congratulations to all Academic Challenge team members, their coaches and the Science, Math and English Departments! The individual winners:

Biology: 1st Eva Homberger, 2nd FInley Huggins, 3rd Kathryn Nairn

Chemistry: 1st Avyn Alairys, Ewan MacFadyen, Emily Wartner, Susan Zeh (4 way tie), 2nd Jacob Arquette, 3rd Maggie Matthews, Logan Maue (tie)

Computer Science: 1st Sebastian Torres, 2nd Susan Zeh, 3rd Connor Kotwasinski, Joe Sedlacek (tie)

English: 1st Kathryn Nairn, 2nd Katherine Casagrande, 3rd Joe Sedlacek, Grace Vomacka (tie)

Math: 1st Spencer Gallagher, 2nd Michael Dillon, 3rd Logan Maue

Physics: 1st Avyn Alairys, Spencer Gallagher (tie), 2nd Michael Dillon, 3rd Mark Lasek



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