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Friars Dominate STEAM Sectional in Illinois!

March 18, 2020

Team Fenwick swept the medal stand – again – at this past weekend’s Academic Challenge in Engineering and Sciences (formerly WYSE) sectional competition.


Another March and another dominant performance by the Fenwick Academic Challenge in Engineering and Sciences Team (formerly known as WYSE). “Our Friars placed first at the ACES Central Sectional competition,” reports proud  Coach Dave Kleinhans, who is the chairperson of Fenwick’s Computer Science/Physics Department. “We qualified as one of 12 schools with under 1,500 students in Illinois for the state finals.”

Individual medal winners:

1st     Katy Nairn
2nd     Quinn Hynes
3rd     Grace Simmons

1st     Jacob Arquette
2nd     Joseph Zawacki
3rd     Eva Homberger

Computational Science          
1st     Conor Kotwasinski
2nd     Jonathon Izurieta
3rd     Joe Sedlacek
3rd     Sebastian Torres

1st     Katy Nairn
2nd Grace Vomacka
3rd     Grace Simmons

1st     Daniel Castellano
2nd     Nate Crowell
2nd     Finley Huggins
3rd Logan Maue
3rd     Clark Davis

1st     Joseph Zawacki
2nd     Daniel Castellano
3rd  Nate Crowell

Congratulations to all!

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