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'Fore' More Friars Selected as Evans Scholars!


The Western Golf Association (WGA) has released the names of four additional Fenwick High School seniors who will receive the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship for the 2017-18 school year: Robert Grayson (Chicago, Riverside Country Club, University of Illinois); Garrett Javors (Riverside, Riverside Country Club, University of Michigan); Luis Murphy (Elmwood Park, Oak Park Country Club, University of Kansas); and Dennis O'Bryan (Riverside, Riverside Country Club, University of Notre Dame). O'Bryan is the first Fenwick student ever to attend Notre Dame as an Evans Scholar. The Evans’ awards for classmates Liam Murphy (Chicago, Park Ridge Country Club, Marquette University); Fines Owens (Berkley, Riverside Country Club, University of Illinois); and Marco Torres (Berwyn, Skokie Country Club, University of Illinois) were announced in January (

These seven soon-to-be graduates join 16 other former Fenwick students presently enrolled in college as Evans Scholars:

  • seven at the University of Illinois - Dominic Daley ’16, Zachara Danna ’13, Patricia Ebersold ’15, Valente Herrera ’13, Lucas Kotnik ’15, Robert Morales ’15 and Konrad Wilk ’15
  • five at Marquette University – Sergio deLeon ’13, Dominique DiMatteo '14, Angel Rivera ’14, Lesya Shenyuk ’15 and Adrian Wenc ’15
  • two at Indiana University – Michael Hanrahan ’14 and Kyle Malone ’14
  • two at Northwestern University – Dylan Gresik ’16 and Connor Murray ’14
  • one at the University of Michigan – Bailey Forde ’16

Legendary amateur golfer Charles “Chick” Evans (1890-1979) wanted to send deserving caddies to college. The scholarship named for him provides full tuition and housing. Sponsoring country clubs can nominate a young man or woman possessing “a strong caddie record, excellent grades, outstanding character and demonstrated financial need,” according to the WGA. The award is renewable up to four years, meaning that these seven Fenwick students could have all four years of their undergraduate studies paid.

“These deserving young people represent the benefits of a Fenwick education. They have shown discipline in their studies and a personal commitment to being valued members of the community,” said Fenwick President Fr. Richard Peddicord, O.P.

Fenwick Golf Coach Jerry Kribs attended Northwestern University (NU Class of ’04) on the Evans Scholarship. He is a graduate of St. Laurence High School in the Chicago Catholic League (CCL) and caddied at Beverly Country Club on the South Side. “The Evans Scholarship forever changed my life,” said Kribs, who also teaches math at Fenwick and was named the 2016 CCL Lawless Coach of the Year. “By relieving the enormous financial burden of college debt, the scholarship freed me to pursue my passion for teaching and coaching. Moreover, the friendships and relationships that I forged as an Evans Scholar have lasted to this day and continue to shape the person that I am,” Kribs noted. “There are no stronger bonds than those formed in the caddie yard and on the golf course, and that is why the Evans Scholars have such a tight-knit and supportive network. It is truly humbling to be part of such a family. To steal a quote from Tom Gorman, the former caddie master at Beverly Country Club, ‘Thank God for the golf bag.’”

Evans Scholarship Facts

Since they were first awarded to NU students in 1930, more than 10,400 young men and women have been awarded Evans Scholarships to some of the nation’s top universities. Presently, more than 900 students receive the award. On campus, they live together in a Scholarship House owned by the WGA’s Evans Scholars Foundation ( Four additional statistics:

  1. The average value of an Evans Scholarship is $100,000.
  2. The college graduation rate for Evans Scholars is 95%.
  3. Evans Scholars’ collective, cumulative GPA is 3.2.
  4. The program’s scholarship costs exceed $17.5 million annually.


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