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Excellence, Leadership, Tradition

The Centennial Capital Campaign for Fenwick High School


Fenwick Master Facilities Plan

Excellence, Leadership, Tradition -

The Centennial Campaign for Fenwick High School


Dear Friend of Fenwick High School,

“Excellence, Leadership, Tradition”

This familiar motto has long been used to describe the transformational Fenwick experience.  It is manifest in our mission to inspire excellence and educate each student to “lead, achieve and serve.”

This mission is as important today as it was at the school’s founding in 1929, and as it will be in Fenwick’s second century.  To ensure Fenwick continues to fulfill its mission in 2029 and beyond, Excellence, Leadership, Tradition - The Centennial Campaign for Fenwick High School has been undertaken to ensure Fenwick thrives well into its second century.

Through a comprehensive strategic planning and visioning process several years ago, the Fenwick community identified a few areas that must be critically addressed to continue Fenwick’s legacy into its second century.

Those areas are:

  • Academic, arts and student life
  • Athletics
  • Facilities
  • Financial
  • Administrative/Governance

Many administrative and governance issues have been addressed by the Board of Directors during the past few years, including Fenwick’s administrative structure and personnel, as well as Board composition and governing bylaws.

Facilities improvements and athletics have also been addressed with the negotiation of a ten-year lease at Triton Community College to hold our home football games and other athletic events in a beautiful new stadium.  We have also included in the operating budget over $750,000 per year over the past several years toward new windows, air conditioning and other improvements in our building.

To strategically address other challenges over time, a facilities master plan was developed which envisions a bold, re-imagined Fenwick campus.  Excellence, Leadership, Tradition - The Centennial Campaign for Fenwick High School will provide the resources necessary to complete the facilities master plan and address long-term financial challenges.

Unlike many traditional campaigns of shorter duration, The Centennial Campaign is deliberately designed to last until our centennial celebration in 2028-29.  This will require philanthropic partners.  This is not a short-term fix, but a long-term vision to secure the vitality of Fenwick. 

Importantly, The Centennial Campaign builds on the traditions of our Catholic, Dominican legacy.  In addressing Fenwick’s needs, The Centennial Campaign is rooted in the four core spiritual values of the Dominicans: prayer, study, community and preaching.

Because of the practicalities of construction and fundraising, there will be three distinct phases.  Through the generosity of many benefactors, Fenwick has already celebrated the completion of two projects in the facilities master plan:

  • Pearl and Angelo Mazzone Chapel renovation (link)
  • Fenwick Field at the Priory (link)

We will celebrate the completion of Phase One with the ribbon-cutting of the Michael R. Quinlan ’62 Parking Center in summer 2020!

I invite and encourage you to learn more about the bright, bold, exciting vision for Fenwick’s 

future and Excellence, Leadership, Tradition - The Centennial Campaign for Fenwick High School by seeing the full brochure and reading the current update below.

Please consider partnering with us to extend Fenwick’s legacy of Excellence, Leadership, Tradition well into our second century.  Thank you.


Fr. Richard Peddicord, O.P.



Centennial Campaign Update

Now in our 91st school year and looking ahead to our centennial celebration in 2028-29, Fenwick High School is thrilled that construction of the Michael R. Quinlan ’62 Parking Center is underway! (To view construction activity:  constructioncam (live link to:!/fenwick_parking_garage/camera_1/view_1 ))

By the start of the 2020-21 school year a +-325 spot parking garage will occupy the space created by the demolition of the apartment buildings on Scoville directly adjacent to the fieldhouse.  This is a game-changer for Fenwick.  From an admissions standpoint, no more parent concerns about easily-accessible, safe and secure parking, and no parking tickets to worry about!  Coupled with the recent air-conditioning of the auditorium, Fenwick will soon be able to host community-wide events.  We can’t wait to host the 2020 Golden Friars mass and luncheon (June date tbd) with no worries about on-site parking!


Traffic/Parking Alert:  In addition to Fenwick’s construction activity this year, the Village of Oak Park has reduced Madison St. from four lanes to two.  Parking and traffic around Fenwick this school year are going to be even more difficult than usual.  Please keep this in mind when planning a trip to school.

Facilities Master Plan

Phase One: 

With the completion of the Michael R. Quinlan ’62 Parking Center, Phase One of Excellence, Leadership, Tradition – The Centennial Campaign for Fenwick High School will also be complete. However, the Quinlan Parking Center, it is not yet fully funded


Since inception, The Centennial Campaign has raised $18 million in cash gifts and pledges – exclusive of any planned gifts (bequests, trust, life insurance, etc.) earmarked for endowment.  Between renovation and construction costs of earlier projects in Phase One, site preparation costs for the parking garage and other Campaign expenses, $5 million has been spent.  An additional $2 million has been restricted to current financial assistance or endowment, and $3 million has been restricted to Phase Two of the Centennial Campaign.

That leaves $8 million available for construction of the Quinlan Parking Center.  With garage construction costs of $13.5 million, Fenwick still needs to raise $5.5 million to fully fund the parking center:

Centennial Campaign Dollars Committed to Date                $18 million

Spent on Mazzone Chapel and Fenwick Field                       ($2 million)

Parking Center Site Preparation/Campaign Expenses     ($3 million)

Earmarked for Endowment/Tuition Assistance                 ($2 million)

Restricted to Phase Two                                                               ($3 million)

Cost of Quinlan Parking Center                                               $13.5 million

Needed to Complete Phase One                                                $5.5 million


Completion of the parking center is critical because it takes the “parking question” out of the enrollment decision and enables Fenwick to continue to attract families from a wide area of Chicagoland.


Additionally, given the practicalities of construction on Fenwick’s footprint – while continuing to operate an excellent college preparatory high school with a full range of programs – the parking center must be completed before the other phases of The Centennial Campaign commence, as Fenwick’s current parking lot (photo below) will become a construction staging area for months at a time.



As Fenwick raises the necessary funds and the construction calendar permits, phases two and three of the master facilities plan will be completed through The Centennial Campaign in the years after 2020 and before our centennial celebration in 2028-29.  These phases address many student life needs identified in the original strategic planning process and are supported by the current strategic plan

Phase Two — Centennial Addition (view renderings) a four-story, multi-purpose building

  • 21st century classroom space and meeting areas.
  • New music, choir and art space.
  • New indoor athletic practice and training fieldhouse.
  • New ground-level dining room, kitchen, student union and landmark entrance.


Phase 3 — Interior Renovation and Exterior Finishing (view renderings)

  • Current cafeteria becomes a 250-person auditorium.
  • Current kitchen becomes athletic training/fitness area.
  • Creation of a campus-like feel with a quad, dramatic archway onto campus and landscaping, all in keeping with the collegiate Gothic style of architecture that elevates our students’ expectations.









Alongside the improvements in the master facilities plan, Excellence, Leadership, Tradition – The Centennial Campaign for Fenwick High School also seeks to increase commitments and realized gifts to the endowment and current tuition assistance by $50 million by 2028-2029.  This will provide on-going tuition assistance and faculty professional development funds for generations to come.




Current tuition assistance is provided by several individual and class “named” expendable scholarship funds. Current gifts to the endowment, including several class scholarship efforts and individual “named” funds provide tuition assistance and faculty professional development funds in perpetuity.  


We also expect planned giving – bequests, charitable trusts, life insurance, retirement assets, and the like – to play an increasingly important role in Fenwick’s ability to reach its endowment goals.  We have increased our educational initiatives about planned giving via newsletters and our website, and we continue to identify advisors within the Fenwick community who can provide assistance with sophisticated, tax-advantaged, even income-producing gifts that can benefit you and/or your family, while also providing support to Fenwick.


Documented planned gift intentions to Fenwick are recognized by the benefactor’s inclusion in the Bernacki Society.  Over the past three or so years over 20 new benefactors have joined the Bernacki Society.  We expect to continue to see excellent growth in the Bernacki Society during The Centennial Campaign and beyond.  For more information about the benefits of planned giving and/or the Bernacki Society, please contact Jean Johnson, Senior Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving:, 708-948-0308.




This is a momentous time for Fenwick. With your continued generosity and faith in Fenwick, Excellence, Leadership, Tradition the Centennial Campaign for Fenwick High School will be a tremendous success and will ensure that future generations of Friars can enjoy the same academic rigor rooted in faith that the Dominicans have taught at Fenwick since 1929.  Thank you!

For more information or any questions about The Centennial Campaign, please contact Chris Ritten, V.P. of Institutional Advancement:, 708-948-0350.


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