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Fenwick Results for 2020 Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science (TEAMS)

April 2, 2020

Varsity A team score of 174 places Friars 1st in Illinois among large, selective schools!


Before school closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Fenwick hosted the TEAMS competition in the library’s Digital Resource Room on March 13th. The Frosh/Soph team had an impressive essay score, which helped them to place 2nd in the State and 8th internationally among large selective schools with their overall score of 139.4. This team consisted of Gustavo Linares, Hugo Nunez, Katy Nairn, Lily Metz, Lisa Grace Dillon, Mia Scharpf, Paige Davis and Zach Dahhan (captain). “Most did not compete last year, so I look forward to a steep learning curve for them in the coming years,” says Coach/Math Teacher Kevin Roche ’05. “They are a driven, sharp and mature group [that] I look forward to working with.”

The Varsity A team had the 2nd highest multiple-choice score in not only the state or nation, but internationally! The score of 65 was bested by only Hinsdale Central’s 66. “How cool is it that our neighbors are high caliber like us?!” Mr. Roche praises. “A rising tide raises all ships.”

The overall score of 174 places Fenwick 3rd internationally among large, selective schools. The Varsity A team consisted of Claire Hill, Dan Castellano, Dan Majcher, Eva Homberger, Joe Zawacki (captain), Nate Crowell, Ronan Kristufek and Sebastian Torres. “I will miss this senior class,” Roche concludes. “They are a brilliant, fun and charming group. I am grateful that Dan, Claire and Ronan will be around to help lead the drive next year’s team.

“Special thanks to Mr. Kleinhans for helping me manage the chaos on the 13th and during the winter months as we worked towards this competition,” he adds.

9th/10th Grade

Team A

     Multiple Choice Score: 28

     Essay Score: 74

     Design & Build Score: 37.4

     TOTAL SCORE: 139.4

11th/12th Grade

Team A

     Multiple Choice Score: 65

     Essay Score: 59

     Design & Build Score: 50

     TOTAL SCORE: 174

Team B

     Multiple Choice Score: 43

     Essay Score: 48

     Design & Build Score: 45.8

     TOTAL SCORE: 136.8

Team C

     Multiple Choice Score: 50

     Essay Score: 70

     Design & Build Score: 43.7

     TOTAL SCORE: 163.7

Team D

     Multiple Choice Score: 38

     Essay Score: 66

     Design & Build Score: 43.1

     TOTAL SCORE: 147.1


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