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Fenwick Pep Rally Memories


The Homecoming Pep Rally is Friday afternoon, leading up to the big football showdown against CCL Green rival Marmion Academy at Triton. School faculty and staff remember rallies of years gone by, especially “Joe Konrad doing his ‘older Elvis’ impersonation,” says Mr. Finnell, who also retold the tale about a Dominican priest leading the crowd with the “Macarena” dance back in the day.

“When I ran Student Council with a number of other teachers, I remember each class decorating a homecoming float and then having a homecoming parade from Harlem and Division to the game at OP stadium,” Mr. Finnell continues. “We also brought in, over the years, most of the well-known sports reporters from local TV stations to be the main speaker at the Homecoming Pep Rally.

“Yes,” says Mr. Scott Thies ’99 says, “I remember when the Chicago Tribune’s Bob Sakamoto played hoops during the Pep Rally in ’95.” Sakamoto (pictured below) was a beat reporter for the NBA during the Bulls’ heydays with Michael Jordan. (He now works in the Communications Department at DePaul University.) “The guy from Johnny’s Beef made a special appearance, too,” he laughs.


Finnell adds: “And when the White Sox had their two mascots, ‘Ribbie’ and ‘Roobarb,’ we brought them in for the Homecoming Pep Rally for several years. One year, one of the students owned the dog that was ‘Spuds McKenzie’ in series of well-known beer commercials and he made a ‘guest appearance.’”

Earlier this week on Twitter and Facebook, we also asked Friar alumni to post some of their favorite Pep Rally memories:

  • Maggie Hendricks ’97 remembers the Pep Rally from 20 years ago, when “cheerleaders were allowed to perform … for the first time.
  • Owen Blakely ’14 recalls “Mr. Sullivan being taught how to Dougie​,” which is a hip-hop dance generally performed by moving one's body in a shimmy style and passing a hand through or near the hair on one's own head.
  • Jim Citro ’69 remembers “Silence Day! Beat Loyola!!!”
  • “Khaki and blue/white for boys and standard skirts and white blouses for girls!” writes Iwona Antonowicz-Ciolek, wife of Marek Ciolek ’80.
  • Dan Cronin, Sr. ’77 asks, “Does the student body dress in black and stay silent all day until the Pep Rally last period of the day?” Replied Ruairi “Rory” Gogan ’80: “Silent week was kool. Nice build up to Friday.”

Here’s a YouTube video of the football team dancing with the Poms in 2012!

Please share your FHS Pep Rally memories on social media using the hashtag #FenwickFriars.

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