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Hope Fiest

Hope Fiest

Theology Teacher

Extension: ext. 192
Departments: Theology Department, Faculty



B.A. Theology (Spanish concentration), Notre Dame

M.A. Theology, Notre Dame

During my time, the M.A. in Theology required fulfilling the coursework requirement (48 credits) four written comprehensive exams on material like Catechetics, Trinity, Sacraments, Scripture, and Pastoral Theology. After the written exams, we subsequently completed an oral defense of our written work with three members of the Notre Dame theology faculty.

Last, in undergrad I received the senior theology departmental award.

"The Gertrude Austin Marti Award in Theology “ is given to one graduating senior who has given evidence of qualities of personal character and academic achievement in theological studies. Traditionally, the Marti Award recognizes the successful combination of extraordinary service to Church and community, along with academic excellence."