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Continuous Learning for Fenwick Faculty and Staff

April 11, 2019

In-house professional development, which began in earnest during the 2016-17 school year, helps our teachers sharpen their skill sets, says Principal Peter Groom.


Fenwick English Teacher Shana Wang (left) and Math Teacher Dave Setum look on intently during a "PD Day" breakout session last month.

Starting in the autumn of 2016, Fenwick’s administration implemented its own Professional Development (PD) Program for faculty and staff. The ongoing teacher education program is spearheaded by Assistant Principal Laura Pendleton and Digital Learning Specialist Bryan Boehm.

“At Fenwick, through the Dominican pillar of study, we do an excellent job of instilling the value of life-long learning in our students,” says Ms. Pendleton, who also is the Orchestra Director at school. “The in-house professional development program was created out of the need to provide opportunities for our faculty to spend time in community learning new skills and sharing expertise with each other. It has grown a great deal in its first three years and, in the future, will serve to be a space for our faculty to continue to work together to model life-long learning and exhibit their own love of learning to our students.”

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