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Congratulations to the 97 Illinois State Scholars from Fenwick

December 21, 2018

More than 34% of the Friars’ Class of 2019 claim the prestigious title!

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) is recognizing nearly 35% of Fenwick’s 280 seniors as 2019-20 State Scholars for their outstanding academic achievement. Approximately the top 10% of graduates from approved high schools are announced as State Scholars each year.


(Not all State Scholars are pictured.)

The complete list of 97 State Scholars from the Fenwick Class of 2019:

Alairys, Avyn
Amico, Joseph
Attard, Alexis
Babbo, John
Barnett, Anthony
Barry, Daniel
Bartnik, Matthew
Boswell, Christian
Brown, Benjamin
Burda, Emily
Caronchi, Madeline
Castellanos, Maria
Chapman, Kelly
Comstock, Payton
Conniff, Cara
Curry, Isaiah
Dabrowska, Natalia
Daniels, Harper
Dillon, Michael
Donahue, Mary
Eckhoff, Michelle
Fahey, Caroline
Falls, Lillian
Fisher, Nathan
Fitzgerald, Anna
Gaffigan, Joseph
Gallagher, Spencer
Gibbons, Delaney
Grimes, Isabel
Grogan, Colleen
Gurgone, Kristina
Haeflinger, Alexa
Haeflinger, Paige
Hartman, Bridget
Havenaar, Ian
Hopkinson, Maura
Hultquist, Regan
Husmann, Emmett
Hutchinson, Liam
Janc, Erik
Jenkins, Caroline
Jensen, Zachary
Kapsch, Mary
Kassay, Margaret
Kelly, Laura
Krippner, Nathan
Kronstein, John
Lasek, Mark
Lee, Cassandra
Leibig, Taylor
Lopez, Quetzali
Lynch, Daniel
MacFadyen, Ewan
Marchetti, Jacob
Marks, Colin
Mathews, Margaret
McCarthy, Jamie
McCarthy, Shane
McClendon, Elizabeth
McGarel, Grace
McGuire, Rory
Mulcahy, Ciara
Mulvihill, Aoife
Munyon, Paige
Nash, Susan
Nelson, Alexandria
Nikolai, Emma
Ramirez, Lauren
Reilly, Grace
Reyes, Daniella
Rodriguez, Jesus
Rodriguez, Sophia
Romanucci, Isabella
Rotsaert, William
Ryan, Isabelle
Saganich, Michelle
Sawasciuk, Alexandra
Seavey, Ethan
Segovia, Nicholas
Sena, Gianna
Shalgos, Samantha
Shearer, Margaux
Silvis, Merrick
Skiest, Natalie
Smith, Roisin
Stahl, Perri
Stephany, Colleen
Towns, James
Venable, Valeria
Walsh, Matthew
Wartner, Emily
Wenc, Krystian
Westerman, Charles
Wilson, Gavin
Yungerman, Luke
Zeh, Susan
Zeitler, Joseph

The State Scholar Program recognizes students attending approved high schools for outstanding academic achievement. State scholar designation provides honorary recognition with no monetary award. ISAC is a trusted source of college planning information for Illinois students and their parents. Created in 1957 by state law-makers, its mission is to make college accessible and affordable for Illinois students.



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