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Collegiate Friars: January 2018

A monthly spotlight, checking in on where recent Fenwick graduates are now. 


Ryan (left) with his visiting brother Jon '14 at the Yale-Harvard football game last fall. 
Name: Ryan Jennings
Fenwick Graduation: 2017 

Hometown: Clarendon Hills

Grade School: Clarendon Hills Middle School 

Current School: Yale University, New Haven, CT

Current Major: Undecided, but most likely Economics and Computer Science 

Career Aspirations: A job in finance, graduate business school, then potentially entrepreneurship 

Fenwick Achievements/Activities: Volleyball (4 years, 2 years varsity), Soccer (2 years), National Honor Society, Fenwick Pep Band and Wind Ensemble, Investment Club
Fenwick Teacher Who Had the Most Influence: Mr. Quinn -- his U.S. History class taught me to think for myself and the importance of history in our lives today. Mr. Quinn is also a very engaging teacher who makes sure that his students question everything, often asking "What do you think?"   

Fenwick Class That Had the Most Influence: AP Physics 1 and 2 with Mr. Kleinhans -- the breadth and structure of this class helped me develop my work ethic, and Mr. K is a great person who taught my classmates and me a lot about life in general. In addition to Mrs. Esposito's AP Physics C class, Physics with Mr. Kleinhans increased my confidence going into college STEM classes. 

Best Fenwick Experience/the One You Would Like to Live Again: Seeing Mr. Konrad join the faculty in their tug-of-war match against the students at a Fenwick Pep Rally. It was a great moment and made me realize how much I loved Fenwick and its school spirit. 

Fenwick Experience That Changed You the Most: The Lumen Tranquillum and Fenwick Hall of Fame ceremony in the auditorium my senior year showed me how valuable my education at Fenwick is and will be for the rest of my life. Many of the stories told by the recipients of these great awards revolved around their experience at Fenwick as students, which inspired me to appreciate my time there even more.
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