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Collegiate Friars: February 2020

February 1, 2020

Catching up with Fenwick young alumni Andre Steward ’16 at Mizzou and Giselle Dimailig ’18 at Marquette.

Andre Steward

Fenwick Graduation: 2016
Hometown: Chicago
Grade School: St. Edmund Parish School
Current School:  University of Missouri – Columbia
Major: Digital Storytelling and Theatre with an emphasis in performance
Career aspirations: To own a production company.

Fenwick achievements/activities: Kairos leader, BFG [Blackfriars Guild], Write Place Tutor, Editor-in-Chief of Touchstone, Secretary of Italian Club, VFW Speech Contest State runner-up, Cross Country, Novel Writing Club.

Fenwick teacher who had the most influence on you: Mrs. Weicher. She taught me honors English in my junior year, and I will never forget the love she showed all of her students. Every day of class would be filled with laughter, and though I would stress out sometimes (those tests were ... maaaaan) she was always willing to help at any point. Sometimes, I would go to the library just to talk to her and get some wisdom. She treated everyone with respect and valued us as human beings. Also, she’s hilarious, so that’s a nice touch.

Fenwick class that had the most influence on you: Fr. Joe’s theology class. It was an entirely new way of learning, and I enjoyed all of it. Through him telling his story, I was able to understand where he was coming from and the importance of what he was teaching. The entire experience was beautiful, from the songs and dances to the brutal honesty. And at the end of the day, he loved us and made sure to tell us every day, maybe every five minutes. I will never in my life experience anything like that class again.

Best Fenwick experience/the one you would like to live again: Anything Blackfriars Guild related. I learned to truly love theatre being a part of this club. Opening night of Banua my sophomore year, specifically, when my friend (what’s up Cozzi!) and I did a dance we had choreographed ourselves -- and when the song ended and the applause happened, it was surreal. Either that moment or stairs after the show (if you know, you know).

Fenwick experience that changed you the most: I feel unoriginal saying this but definitely Kairos. I count the two times I went as the best six days of my life at the time. I did not realize how much love was really in the world until after the first time. Every second was beautiful and it was necessary for me at the time I went. Live the Fourth!

Giselle Dimailig

Fenwick Graduation: 2018
Hometown: La Grange, IL
Grade School: Saint Francis Xavier
Current School: Marquette University
Major: Speech Pathology

Career aspirations: After I graduate from Marquette in 2022, I plan to go to graduate school to get my Master’s in Speech Pathology. My ultimate life goal would be to be a Pediatric Speech Pathologist at the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Fenwick achievements/activities: Fenwick Poms for four years, Jr. and Sr. Captain (three out of the four years our competition team was state-qualifying), Choir for four years, and Track and Field for three years.

Fenwick teacher who had the most influence on you: The Fenwick teacher who had the most influence on me was Mrs. Carraher. I had her my freshman year for Spanish class. She did not just care about me as a student, but she cared for me as a person. Mrs. Carraher makes an effort to truly get to know each one of her students. She also knew how to make class and learning so enjoyable. I looked forward to going to her class every day and her waves in the hall as she always asked how I was doing.

Fenwick class that had the most influence on you: Speech class with Mr. Arellano had the most influence on me. The structure and the experience Mr. Arellano put in place for Speech class is one of the most important skills I will carry with me for the rest of my life. When it came time for me to give my first speech in college, every student refused to go first, but my hand shot up and I volunteered. I could literally hear Mr. Arellano telling me to hit the corners of the room, and I stood tall and delivered that speech confidently -- all thanks to Mr. Arellano and his Speech class. This is only an example of the life lessons and skills Fenwick has taught me.

Best Fenwick experience/the one you would like to live again: The summer going into senior year I had this idea, along with a fellow Friar and best friend Ana Tisa, to start a dance showcase at Fenwick. [Principal] Mr. Groom, along with so many other faculty members and students, were in support. In the spring of my senior year the showcase, known as “Serendipity,” was put on. The showcase has since been continued. This was one of the most memorable times I had at Fenwick. It showed how willing the faculty was in support of their students. It made me realize how Friars truly support other Friars.

Fenwick experience that changed you the most: Kairos is one of the most amazing experiences Fenwick has to offer their students. Kairos changed me in the best way possible. I was able to get closer to individual classmates who I did not know very well before, and our class became tighter. My faith was strengthened, and I had a new understanding of what is important in life.



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