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Collegiate Friars: February 2019

February 4, 2019

Catching up with Presley Owusu-Bonsu '16 at Xavier and Casey O'Laughlin at Northwestern.



Fenwick Graduation: 2016
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Grade School: Holy Trinity Lutheran School, Ghana
Current School:  Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH)
Current Major: International Studies and Political Science

Career aspirations:  I aspire to work for the United Nations or as a U.S. Diplomat.

Fenwick Achievements/Activities: Track and Field (Varsity), French Club, International Relations Club & Pro-Life Club

Fenwick teacher who had the most influence on you: The people and activities at Fenwick High School have challenged me, encouraged me and helped me flourish academically and socially. The Fenwick atmosphere exuberates with passionate teachers who love their subjects and want to share the knowledge with their students so that they can learn and grow. The teacher who had the most influence on me was Mr. Peter Gallo. He was the first Fenwick teacher I met and helped my transfer into Fenwick [from St. Gregory] go smoothly. He encouraged me to go above and beyond in anything I did at Fenwick.

Fenwick class that had the most influence on you: The Fenwick class that had the most influence on me was U.S Government taught by Mr. Quinn. This class made realize how important it to be locally and globally aware what happens in the world especially that of the United States of America.

Best Fenwick experience/the one you would like to live again: I would like to live again the moment I said a prayer in Twi during morning announcements. It was a great opportunity to say a prayer from the Ghanaian culture.

What Fenwick experience changed you the most: Joining the track team was an experience that changed me the most. I enjoyed going to practice and being around my fellow track friends. Everyone really seemed to appreciate being on the team, getting in better shape and competing. I am very fortunate to be a recipient of all of the strengths and benefits that Fenwick offered.



Fenwick Graduation:  2017
Hometown: Glen Ellyn, IL
Grade School: Visitation, Elmhurst
Current School:  Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)
Current Major: Double major in Legal Studies and Learning and Organizational Change (LOC)

Career aspirations:  Professional Baseball Player, Attorney, Consultant

Fenwick achievements/activities: Football (three years, almost all positions lol), Baseball Centerfielder, Basketball (took 31 charges in 24 games as sixth man freshman year)

Career Fenwick stats (baseball): .407 BA, 10 HR, 105 RBI (apparent Fenwick record), 2x all-CCL, 3x all-area, 2017 CCL Player of the Year, 2017 1st team All-State (Centerfield), CCL vs. PS All Star Game “3-hole” hitter, 3x CCL White champion, 3x Regional champion, 3 Sectional championship appearances, 1 Super-sectional (Elite Eight), hit for cycle and 2 HR game vs. Mt. Carmel sophomore year.

Fenwick teacher who had the most influence on you: Tie between Mrs. Visteen and Mr. Holmberg. Both prepared me for college in ways I still appreciate today. I wouldn't be able to perform well academically at Northwestern without what I learned from them.

Fenwick class that had the most influence on you: Mr. Wnek freshman biology. He taught me how to take notes short hand, which I still do now and in college that is a huge tool to have.

Best Fenwick experience/the one you would like to live again: TIE - Getting to play quarterback for three quarters against Philips before I got hurt and throw to my brother, Mike. If I could do it again he’d have more targets the second time around. The other experience would be Paddy Dwyer closing out the Sectional Championship against Montini when I was a junior. Seeing that kind of performance to send us to the Elite Eight was special. Celebrating with my teammates on the infield of the priory was something I'll never forget. 

What Fenwick experience changed you the most:  Tearing my tricep while breaking my olecranon my junior year.  If that never happened I likely wouldn't have focused on baseball and landed at Northwestern. The hours of rehab every day was difficult, but it made me get closer to God and realize that things don't always go your way, but if you roll with the punches and outwork your field, you'll succeed. 



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