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Collegiate Friars: 4th Edition

A monthly spotlight, checking in on where recent Fenwick graduates are now. 


Ted Steinmeyer

Fenwick Graduation: 2016

Hometown: La Grange, IL

Grade School: Park Jr. High
Current School: Northwestern University
Current Major: Economics and Political Science
Career aspirations: My short-term plan is to go to law school, but ultimately it would be really neat to become involved in government and policy.
Fenwick achievements/activities: Lawless Scholar, Soccer, Track and Field, Math Team, Write Place, Kairos Leader, Banua, Debate Team Captain, Member of the 2015 and 2016 All-State Debate Teams, 2016 Illinois State Champion in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, 4th Place in National Speech and Debate Association National Finals

What Fenwick Teacher had the most influence on you: There are so many incredible teachers at Fenwick, but I feel that Ms. Logas has influenced me the most. The classes that I took from her are a major reason why I want to pursue a career in government, and she taught me so many things that I use just about everyday.
What Fenwick Class had the most influence on you: It’s really difficult to pick just one class, but I think that AP European History had the most influence on me. Mr. Richied was a fantastic teacher who transformed the way that I think and who really improved my writing skills.
Best Fenwick experience/the one you would like to live again: The first debate practice that I ever ran—it was a bit of a disaster, but I loved being able to share my passion for debate with others. 

What Fenwick experience changed you the most: Going on Quetico was a life-changing experience for so many reasons. Definitely, would recommend. 


Jane Farrell

Fenwick Graduation: 2016

Hometown: Oak Park, IL

Grade School: St. Giles School

Current School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Current Major: Pre-Biomedical Engineering

Fenwick Achievements/ Activities: Four years of volleyball, four years of soccer, two years of basketball, one year on the bowling team, Banua chorus, National Honor Society, 2000 Reasons.

What Fenwick Teacher had the most influence on you: Since I can only choose one, I would have to choose Mrs. Nowicki. I had Mrs. Nowicki my freshman year, and she is one of the reasons that Fenwick was such a welcoming place from the beginning. I loved my time with Mrs. Nowicki so much that I joined the bowling team my junior year just to hang out with her more! 

What Fenwick Class had the most influence on you: AP Calculus with Mr. Arscott was absolutely the most influential class I took at Fenwick. At the time, I hated the class because it was difficult and intense, but it really did prepare me for what college courses are like. I even emailed Mr. Arscott after my first Calculus 2 exam last semester to thank him for preparing me so well. 

Best Fenwick experience/ the one you would like to love again: I miss the hype of out of uniform days so I’d like to love Homecoming week again. Wearing your own clothes on a daily basis is so overrated.

What opportunities at Fenwick do you wish you would have explored/explored more: I would definitely go on the London trip if I got a do-over.


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