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Fenwick Girls' XC History



2nd in conference, 6th in sectional

All Conference Runners: Marie O'Brien, Arlene Amaya, Maria Quinn, Laura Durkin, Katie Cahill, 

State Qualifiers: Laura Durkin, Marie O'Brien

Thank you seniors: Alex, Alex, Alexa, Amaya, Amelia, Arlene, Cara, Claire, Delaney, Emelia, Emily, Laura, Mary Bridget, Michelle, Paige, and Sophia



2nd in Conference, 2nd in Regional

All Conference Runners: Margaret O'Brien, Laura Durkin, Marie O'Brien, Katie Cahill, Mary Bridget Donahue, Arlene Amaya, Maria Quinn

All Regional & State Qualifier: Margaret O'Brien

Thank you seniors: Abby, Anabella, Annie, Daisy, Eileen, Elizabeth, Emma, Franny, Haley, Margaret, Sara, Sarah, and Taylor



Conference Champions, Regional Champions

All Conference Runners: Nicole Finn, Delaney Gibbons, Laura Durkin, Arlene Amaya, Mary Bridget Donahue

All Regional Runners: Nicole Finn, Laura Durkin

Thank you seniors: Claire Cahill, Shannon Donnelly, Nicole Finn, Rachel McCarthy, Kate Krecek, Marisa Morella, Annie Ritten, Bridget Ritten, Maria Ritten, and Tess Wagner.



4th in Conference, 2nd in Regional

All Conference Runners: Margaret O'Brien, Laura Durkin, Nicole Finn, Bridget Ritten (JV), Cara Conniff (JV), Claire Cahill (JV), Franny Lorenzini (JV), Eileen Petros (JV).

Thank you seniors: Alexa Zamudio, Ania Szeszko, Arriana Arroyo, Bailey Forde, Brianna McCormick, Brigid McCann, Caroline Dumon, Cathy Nash, Ciara Hopkinson, Clare Durkin, Katie Zawacki, Lauren Wartner, Malone Buinauskas, Mary Grace Babbo, Moira Hillsman, and Quinn Reilly. 




Conference Champions. 18th in State, Fastest Catholic School in Illinois 

All-Conference: Olivia Ryan (conference champion), Annie Mannion, Nicole Finn, Sarah Winkiel, Erika Bautista, Bridget Ritten, Elizabeth Cummings, Claire Cahill, Franny Lorenzini

All-Regional: Olivia Ryan and Annie Mannion

All-Sectional: Olivia Ryan

All-State: Olivia Ryan 

A very big thank you to our seniors for leading us through this season: Ami, Julia, Libby, Maddie, Molly, Olivia, and Tricia




3rd in Conference

All-Conference: Olivia Ryan, Briana Daley, Nicole Finn, Erika Bautista, and Arriana Arroyo

All-Regional: Olivia Ryan and Briana Daley  

All-Sectional: Olivia Ryan

All-State: Olivia Ryan 

A very special thank you to our superhero seniors: Anastasia, Anna, Bri, Briana, Camille, Claire, Emma, Janeen, Martha, Mary Kate, Monica, and Rachel




3rd in Conference

All-Conference: Ciara Hopkinson, Janeen Latz, Becky Steinmeyer, Briana Daley and Olivia Ryan. 

All-Regional, All-Sectional and All-State: Olivia Ryan.

Thank you to our seniors for another unforgettable season: Alex, Becky, Claire, Elizabeth, Emma, Katlyn, Kelly, Megan, Michaella, and Rachel. We will miss you!




3rd in conference. Regional Champions, Sectionals Champions, 5th in State!

F/S All-Conference: Molly McAndrews, Martha Murphy

All-Conference Runners: Olivia Ryan (Conference Champion!), Briana Daley, Becky Steinmeyer

All-Regional Runners: Olivia Ryan (Regional Champion!), Briana Daley, Becky Steinmeyer, Maddie Nicholson, Anna Schierl

All-Sectional Runners: Becky Steinmeyer (Sectional Champion!), Briana Daley, Maddie Nicholson, Anna Schierl

All-State Runners: Olivia Ryan (16th), Briana Daley (22nd), Becky Steinmeyer (25th)

Thank you seniors Maddie Nicholson and Theresa Steinmeyer for a groundbreaking season.