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Fenwick Business Council

The Fenwick Business Council’s (FBC) is creating a dynamic community where Fenwick family members who are involved in the business world can share ideas, core values and connections to the benefit of one another. Membership is comprised of alumni, current students, parents of students (past and present) and alumni spouses.  It is Free to join.


The Fenwick Business Council mission is to highlight excellence in the Fenwick business community, to bridge the wisdom of the past with the promise of the future, and to advocate for the success of Fenwick students, alumni, faculty and families.


 * We believe that a Fenwick education, rooted in Dominican Catholic tradition and values, will consistently produce ethically and morally grounded business leaders.  

 * We believe that the Fenwick mission which inspires students to lead, achieve, and serve is a vision which can only be fully realized if it is followed throughout life.

 * We believe that the collective knowledge that has been cultivated by the Fenwick business community can only be fully utilized if it is given back to help others achieve their goals.  

 * We believe that developing strong relationships within the Fenwick business community will be a compelling benefit to prospective students and their parents and can further help secure the longevity of Fenwick as an institution.

The heritage and traditions of Fenwick demand that we share the gifts and talents which can help advance the lives and careers of other members of our community.  The Fenwick Business Council will answer that obligation by providing a channel through which Fenwick students, alumni, faculty, and families can tap the collective intelligence of the most successful members of our business community.

Our goal is to build a bridge between the past and the future.  To help the entire Fenwick community connect at a greater level and to 'pay it forward' by helping to mentor and guide every new generation of our family.


The FBC is always expanding as new members of the Fenwick family become aware of the Council. Our ranks include businessmen and women from all professions related to conducting commerce.

Membership is free, and activities are supported by the generosity of our members to donate.

To join the FBC, please contact Director of Alumni Relations Programs Peter Durkin at or 708-948-0323


The fastest way to start connecting with other FBC members is  to join the FBC LinkedIn Group.  This is a private group that is reserved just for FBC members to post business, job and internship opportunities.  In addition, many members share relevant news about their business to the benefit of all.

Join the FBC LinkedIn Group here.


After Work Networking Events

The After Work Networking Events have been extremely helpful in expanding the opportunities for those who attended and are looking to do business with other like-minded Fenwick family members. Join our LinkedIn Group for the latest updates on events and ways you can get involved.